What Do I Do Now? Completely Lost

I hate my body insane much, ive been lifting on and off. But whatever i do the stomach and fat rolls is still there. When i sit it looks horrible. If i cut, i will look smaller with no muscle, if i bulk i will look fat and chubby.

Should i cut and lift? Or?

Im 6 2, 200 lbs.

You already look fat with no muscle mate, just cut down and lift heavy - you’ll get there.


Firstly sorry to hear you aren’t making the progress you want but secondly good on you for reaching out and asking for help. In order to assist you with finding the right training approach you are going to need to give us a little more details.

How long have you been training ?

This is a little vague. Are you currently training and how long has this been for ?

What type of training are you doing now ? What equipment do you have access to ?

What did you eat yesterday ? And is this consistent with what you eat every day?

What is your primary goal ? To add some muscle or to lose the fat ? By this I mean what would you be happiest with achieving in the next 3 months.

If you want just a general answer to this question. Then my response is to find a good training plan that excites you and that enables you to train with intensity and consistency over a long time. Clean up your diet or at least learn to eat like an adult. There is no need to worry about bulk or cut, just train hard and you will add some muscle and lose that fat. But it takes time. Not days or weeks or months. It takes years of hard work.


IMO, you look genetically challenged. One thing you cannot do is lift weights off and on. You need total dedication and commitment. It looks like you have a tough road ahead to achieve an athletic look.

I’m not sure how you would ascertain this. OP looks untrained - how would you determine poor genetics in an untrained person?


Just my opinion having seen many physique types. Plus the OP, in so many words, says he cannot build muscle. If you can’t seem to build muscle and still look flabby in the midsection whether gaining or losing weight, my guess if you are far from genetically gifted.

Let him prove me wrong.

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I’m all for this sentiment, but OP stated himself that training is spotty and mentioned nothing about diet. I just think it’s premature to feed him the genetics excuse.

I seriously do hope OP overcomes any ‘genetic’ difficulties holding him back.

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I never look at genetics as an excuse. It is just reality.

True. But the weird thing is that my test levels are quite good, suprisingly enough. My cortisol is a bit high tho.

Btw, my hormones are normal. Cortisol somehow high.

Yeah i know, but it could always be worse, could be obese or something. Need to do the best of the situation now.

If i cut down to lets say 185 lbs, while lifting HARD, will i look as horrible?

Yeah i will man. How much would you aim to cut down too?

Until you like how lean you are, then 5lbs less than that to account for diet rebound.

BTW, you are at a stage you can likely build some muscle while cutting down. Some will disagree with me here, but you weren’t taking training seriously before and also appear undertrained; you can make great strides by getting serious with your training and diet.


Hormones is just a small component of good genetics.

I am not trying to discourage you, but it is just my opinion that you have a tough road ahead to achieve what I am guessing that you are hoping to do. Best wishes.

@kaktus12 do this consistently for the next few months a track your progress. You still haven’t answered any of my questions above so hard to give you any real advise.


I dont want to be fit or that. Just remove that fat, and look more skinny. Im not aiming for Olympia.

Il try the cut!

I would do this to start


Well, there’s a hyooge difference between being fit and being Mr. Olympia, but i guess I don’t understand the desire to be skinny (as in lean but also no muscle mass), then again - I’m not you. BUT…

Can you explain this please? It conflicts with what you’ve said so far. What are your goals?

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I do bro-splits, two musclegroups every week, while doing progressive lifts every session.

Im eating, but not overeating. Trying to eat atleast 170 gram proteins.

Goal is to dont look as chubby, be more normal, get rid of that flabby stomach. Everytime i look at myself in the mirror i hate it.

Tighten up that flabby stomach, or somehow get it gone. Thats why my idea was to build muscle, to tighten up my entire body, which automticly will envolve my stomach to become less flabby.