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What Do I Do Between Attempts?

Doing my first meet on Saturday. There will be 3 flights which supposedly means about 15 minutes between attempts. In training, I never go longer than about 5.

Any advice for what to do during that downtime? I don’t want to “lose the feel” of the movement since the time between reps is so long. Thanks.

Save being amped up for 3rd attempts. Maaaaaybe some seconds. If you try to be amped up the whole meet, you will burn out well before deads.


Relax. Don’t get amped up until your third.

Take the time between attempts to make sure your next attempt is put in right, if necessary change it and stay aware of how fast your flight is moving.

This is your first meet, every lift you get in is a PR. Chill and have fun. If you pick your attempts wisely “amped” shouldn’t come into play until maybe 3rd attempts (and probably not in your debut). The time goes by faster than you think and the excitement of competition will keep you warm. Try to sit or lay down after you put in your next attempt until you hear your name called as fourth out. Then get ready to go.


This… Every time I’m handling a lifter at a meet, the number one thing I’m telling them between lifts is “sit down, relax”. There will be so much stuff going on that you’ll want to be on your feet wandering around, but sitting is the best thing you can do. If you’re used to 5 minute or less rest times between sets, just trust us that absolutely nothing bad will come from waiting 15 minutes. If you’re nervous about getting cold, bring some sweatpants and a sweatshirt, throw those on after your attempt, and sit your ass down.

Oh, and bring a chair. Meets never have enough chairs.


Awesome, thanks for the tips guys. Will report back this weekend.

Honestly, I sit down and just try not to die. ( fat gear guy problems )


Between attempts isn’t the problem usually,it’s between flights if it’s a long meet. For that I suggest food, getting out of the warm up room, and naps.

Unless you have someone handling you, check to see where you are in the lifting order for the next attempt because it changes each time based on what weights are selected (always in order from lightest to heaviest). You don’t want surprises at a meet, and you don’t want to suddenly find out that you’re the next one up when you weren’t expecting it, you want to be mentally prepared.

The number of flights is irrelevant, what matters is how many lifters in each flight because the first flight will go through all their attempts for a particular lift before the next flight is up. It usually takes about 1-2 minutes on average per attempt, depending on how fast they load the weights and if the lifters go straight to the bar when their name is called or they screw around a bit. Deadlifts go faster because there is no rack to adjust. If there are more flights then the whole meet will take longer and you will have more time between each lift (as in squat, bench, deadlift).

Maybe get used to longer breaks between heavy lifts in training if you feel that this is an issue.