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What Difference Can I Expect with Different Levels of Total Test?

I’ll be going in for my first three month follow up lab tests in a couple of weeks. I feel good and I think the TRT has been quite effective so far. The most obvious change is in sexual function – libido, sex drive, and erectile performance are all much improved (though certainly not like when I was in my 20s - more like when I was in my 40s). Energy levels and focus and things like that are more subjective but I think they are better as well. So now the questions I have is, how do I have this discussion with my doctor when the results come back. He has me on the low dose, 50mg daily of Androgel. I don’t know yet what my new T level is but the documentation indicates that I could expect around 500 ng/dL total T +/-. At the 100mg daily level it says I could expect something in the neighborhood of 705 ng/dL +/-. What differences could I expect between 500 & 705? I no longer have a specific complaint and just saying, “Well doc, I just want it to be higher” or “I want to feel like a randy teenager again” might not fly. He could counter with, “It provides no increased benefits and increases the risk of side effects, blah, blah, blah…” How have you guys addressed this in your treatment? Is there really a difference at those levels that I should push for the higher level?

Higher testosterone is generally healthier according to the all the clinical studies, men with higher testosterone live longer and have the least cardiac events. This is a game of trial and error, no one can answer whether or not you’ll do better in the higher ranges, only you can answer that question.

Doctors are mostly not very knowledgeable in TRT and are being controlled by another entity, so don’t expect your doctor to get on-board with higher testosterone since insurance companies are strict about keeping men <800 ng/dL.

You want optimal levels without your doctor freaking about about levels >800, you may need to go private an pay out of pocket.

I’d be happy with 799 :slight_smile:

If my doctor will go to 100mg daily Androgel the insurance should cover it and I’d probably still be under 800. I just need to come up with a good reason for asking I think. Who knows, maybe he won’t have any problem with it. He didn’t have any issues with prescribing the Androgel and also suggested paying out of pocket for test injections if insurance didn’t cover the gel. I just want to be prepared for the conversation.