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What Diet Worked For You(Except Low Carbs)

I’m sure this has been done before, but what diet has worked for you to get ripped? I’m 21, 6’3", 220 around 11%bf now. Trying to reach 5-6% then I’ll work on mass. Going back to school after almost a 2yr layoff. I’ll be at class a lot so I’m gonna try 5 meals a day. 50%prot (330g)(Chicken + Prot Powder), 30% carbs(200g) (Yams, Maltodextrin in shakes and Broccoli last meal) and 20% fat(60g)(Chicken and Fish Oil Capsules). How’s this sound, need something simple b/c of school. Low carbs havent worked well for me and give me performance problems. So what diet have you guys used that have had a hard time losing fat? I’m looking for any info, macro ratio’s, calories, food choices, etc. Anyone use the Zone/Delta 1250/Carb Cycling from Sliced/Get Lean?

I think for the most part any diet will work if it’s structured correctly. I have become a big fan of the cyclic ketogenic plans, but I have also been cut previously on something similar to what you mentioned (50 pro, 30 carb, 20 fat), utilizing MRP’s, chicken, lean gr. beef, etc. Try a good thermogenic if you can tolerate them, they will help a lot.

The approach I’ve used to get leaner I got from Clarence Bass. He recommends eating minimally processed foods, and eating whenever you get hungry. By eating foods that haven’t been processed, he thinks that your hunger is a good way to guage how much to eat, and will work with your body’s natural BMR. I tried this approach, and have seen great results . I trow in a few cheat days every now and then, but this is the easiest way I have found to get leaner.

I have had some success with moderate to higher carbohydrate intakes (maybe 40% - 60%), but I was eating very high quality carbohydrates and a lot of fish. I don’t think there was anything magical about the tuna. BUT carb choice was critical. When I focused on brown rice, beans, etc. and did not eat any sugar (except post-workout) the results were pretty damn good. Nowadays, I have to stick with the CKD, because I gotta have my ice cream and donuts, and the pump the next day is fantastic. Just watch the calories and keep it clean