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What Diet: Anabolic or UD2.0?

I have 10-12 stubborn pounds of fat I’d like to drop. I don’t want to alter my training unless necesarry but really want to get rid of this weight once and for all. I am 195 now and would like to be around 187 and then start gaining, bodyfat is currently around 15 percent

wanted some criticism on my diet because in the past my cut has gone very slowly. I’ve cut around 8 pounds of fat the past two months with some strength gains. I track what I eat but I feel like I might be taking in too many kcal on a lot of days. No progress the last couple weeks.

4-6 lifting sessions per week, long rests between sets and not many kcal burnt
2-3 times outdoor cycling 45-90 mins

sedentary other than this but I do walk around most days. I gain fat easy.

average day when away from home is 2-3 meals a day, big ones with a lot of fat and protein and some fruit and not enough veggies. I travel a good deal so this is problematic.

normal diet at home is very similar to

meal 1: 40g whey protein w/milled flax seed, banana, celery, brocolli, berries, etc, blended

meal 2: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach, peppers, onions w/4oz meat and an apple.

eggs cooked in butter, sometimes cheese or avocado added. This is a higher fat meal that I have 2-2.5 hours after the first lighter meal that is fairly low-fat because I can’t stomach the big meal right away. Other meals are 3-3.5 hours. Sometimes I have as many as 2 snacks a day but they are always just some almonds and a small amount of fruit.

meals 3-5: 8-10oz meat w/veggies sauteed in olive oil, starch vegetable, green veggies

eggs are usually with salmon or ham or turkey sausage. Other meats can be like veal, venison, ostrich, chicken, ground beef, beef steak, ham ,pork, pork ribs, salmon, trout, shrimp, scallops are staples

4 Flameout with last meal. Starch vegetables are usually corn, beans, sweetpotato, potatoes, or eggplant, and I also have brown rice or sushi sometimes. Lots of hotsauce, avocado, and olive oil in my cooking. I haven’t tried carb cycling but I have less carbohydrates in my later meals on days I am not lifting. I also have the Surge PWO drink w/BCAAs, glutamine, creatine added on some days I train twice or train hard and am training again the next day.

I only recently just cut all bread from my diet because most of the time after eating any processed carbs now I hit a crash an hour later and start dozing off although I like whole grain pitas and tortillas and eat them and the brown rice occasionally, is this ok?

I haven’t lost much weight lately and things were slow before. However my strength has remained good but recovery a little weaker. I want to get in that low bodyfat range and be lean and strong like I set out to be when I started taking lifting seriously, but I’ve hit a snag and need to change things up or a little motivation. Let me know what you think, all input is appreciated!

thanks for reading,


here are some pics of meals I eat

eggs and lobster


steak tips


chicken, sundried tomatoes

steak and mashed potato

some kinda fish and brown rice w/beans

thats about it, figured I would post some pics so this wasn’t just a boring help me with my diet post

Now I am hungry!! Looks good! Good job on rotating foods too! I eat a lot of wild game myself (Protein sources usually come from Buffalo, Ostrich, Free Range Chicken, Omega 3 Eggs, Turkey, Grass Fed Beef, and just about any fish you could think of). I love lobster but my food bill is already kind of high:-) I would say the only thing I might change is the outdoor cycling.

I have posted extensivly about my feelings on steady state cardio so I don’t want to be redundant but other than that looks solid! (Oh yeah…More fish oil and make sure if you are using Flameout you supplement something like Borrage seed Oil to get you GLA).

If you stall on fat loss maybe you should lower the carbs (meaning the fruits) and see if that helps. It might just be your “road” diet thats keepin you stalled.

Hey thanks Laroyal, I like to mix it up. I enjoy the biking and it can’t be doing any harm.

the road diet could be the thing killing me, I don’t know. I guess I was just looking for general advice on how to tweak the diet to keep the fat loss going- lower carbs, just too many kcal/too much saturated fat, more cardio,remove certain foods, etc whatever I should be doing.

I have a feeling that it’s pretty easy for me to just eat and be at maintenance due to doing what my body tells me.

is like 2 pieces of fruit plus a handful of berries/grapes or whatever something to remove? It’s been a staple in my diet for a while but if carb reduction is really necesarry at this point its something I would do

I would say try dropping the bananna,berries,and potatoes for 2 weeks.keep the rice for carb source and fiber

add in more vegies and add some greens and try and lower your total kcal by about 500 kcals.
and in some of your rides do a HIIT type thing where you sprint for a min cycle for 30 secs sprint again.

I think that should get you going on the fat loss train again.

Here’s some pictures:



salmon and sweetpotato


bump because I’ve been sucking it up and need some legit advice

I’m at 200 pounds now. Unbelievably, I seem to have gained muscle mass the past two months or so of DIETING, and about maintained fat. Like, I’ve gotten compliments on how my upper back has grown lol. Which is cool, but wasn’t exactly what I intended.

It looks like right now I’m at about 15-16% bodyfat- so anywhere from 10-15 pounds of fat loss would be awesome.

My diet has NOT been working. It just hasn’t.

Main issues have been

(1) probably eating too much overall despite efforts to track kcal. How many calories should I be shooting for? I’ve been doing 4-5 lifting sessions a week, 2 upper body and 2-3 lower/Olympic lifting. Slacking on cardio.

(2)average day is like wake up 930am, eat 11pm, sleep before midnight… I sleep a LOT. Like 10-12 hours every night. So maybe I need less calories?

(3) not ENOUGH carbs… At under 200g a day, my strength has been down and I’ve really been struggling in my weightlifting sessions. I just can’t clean and jerk heavy without a ton of carbs to fuel it, it feels like.

so wtf do I do from here? I need a like, forced structure diet that will be effective and not overly complicated at helping me get where I want to be, and then I can just get back to growing huge from there.

do I keep some sort of carb cycling and just be stricter on intake? Do I just go low-carb all the way with maybe a little more for PWO carbs on lower days? Or do I deviate from the normal high protein and fat plan, and actually significantly cut back on fat and keep my carbs up to fuel my activity?

I’m the worst. Recommendations?


words cannot describe how jealous i am right now.

i have nothing constructive to add other than you could try to cut out carbs totally (<30 g/day) and see what happens after 2 weeks.