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What Did you Get?

For Christmas?

I got some new blu-ray movies.

Your turn.

[quote]Split wrote:
For Christmas?

I got some new blu-ray movies.

Your turn.[/quote]

I got socks.

A huge chunk of coal!

[quote]imhungry wrote:
Split wrote:
For Christmas?

I got some new blu-ray movies.

Your turn.

I got socks.[/quote]

I got coal.

$50 which I then brought some new underwear with since I’m getting fat and my old ones were cutting in me.

A zeppelin.

A bird house.

Ok, so I had a great Christmas. Best one in years. I bought my wife a new car (G35x), so she decided to send us to debt hell on my gifts, but oh well.

I got a three-tier Craftsman multi-drawer tool cabinet, with a removable top box to toss in my truck when I take the bike to the track, plus liners and new locks.

Then she got me a bunch of tools. 192 piece metric and standard craftsman wrench and socket set, a 27 piece craftsman screwdriver set, and a 20 piece B&D drill bit sit.

And then I got a Packers cap, some nice thick boot socks, some gift cards, some new coasters for my non-existent-but-soon-to-be-built-with-my-new-tools bar that say “Derek’s Bar”, and a couple nights in a whirlpool suite with the wifey.

The baller part is I really needed new tools, my old Walmart Stanleys just arent holding up anymore, and the tool cabinet just kicks ass.

Who doesnt want a tool cabinet (filled with new tools) on big-ass wheels in their garage? And who doesnt like a few new pairs of nice, thick warm socks?

Just a great Christmas.

A GPR378:-)

A new mp3 player which i definately needed since my old one sucked and a gift certificate for a massage are pretty much the only notable things i got.

Santa brought me a tub of Grow! and a nice weight belt.

Maybe santa lifts heavy shit?

My first iPod.

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adidas ironworks II

a pair of these

a hangover

Ipod touch
Tickets to Amsterdamn
Espresso machine
Graphics card

My favorite gift I got was a Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS System. It has european maps so when I go to Europe in April It will be super-convenient.

Treadmill. Wish I had gotten the buffalo meat I asked for instead.

Tropic Thunder and Live Free or Die Hard on Blu Ray

A few boxes of ammo

A couple books



New golf club set

GPS Navigation (I travel a lot for work these days and mom worries I’ll get lost between the airport and my destination)

5 one hour massage gift certificates (My parents are weird about supps and gave massages instead, which is awesome)

Tropic Thunder


A Cross pen and pencil set intended for my office desk

A sword from China (my sis recently completed a study abroad trip there)

Gift cards out the wazzoo (many of which I will be re-gifting)

And last but certainly not least, a dove hunting trip in Mexico.

Best of all though, we had cousins in town who I haven’t seen in about five years. Last time we were all together, we were all early in high school or jr. high. We are now graduated from or in college. It was great catching up and seeing how everyone has grown.