What Did You Experience When Stopping HCG?

I am going on week 12 of TRT. I have received expert advice from this forum and I feel I am very close to doing what is perfect for me.

I have been taking 160mg test cyp weekly (split into two doses). I have also been taking 400iu of HCG weekly split into two doses on the same day and time of my test injections.

I took .25mg anastrozole (1/4 of a 1mg pill) twice weekly during weeks 9-10, but I stopped as I was not feeling great while taking it. I am feeling much better without it.

My question is:
My wife and I just decided no more kids. I have no need or desire to stay fertile, so I am going to drop HCG and see how I feel. If you stopped taking HCG, what made you stop and what did you experience from dropping it?


I stopped both AI and HCG at week 7 last week. Im also taking 160mg a weeks and decided to do 40mg EOD instead. Ive been feeling pretty good. Sex has been better too. Not as sensitive so I can have some fun. Libido is pretty good too. So far all positive. Looking forward to giving myself another 40mg tomorrow.

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I’m on 200mg/week split into 2 shots. I’ve tried HCG a number of times in the last 4 years. Invariably it makes me irritable as hell. Last time I had a month after I stopped that my system was really unsettled and it took about 6 weeks to feel my usual self on just the T. I’m not a fan of HCG even though I get the logic of trying to keep your system running somewhat naturally.

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I’ve considering more frequent injections. Do you preload them and what gauge do you use ? Glutes?

40 EOD is 140mg/week

Needs to be 45-46mg EOD to actually be 160mg a week

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Thanks! I asked that on my thread. My maths are never good with this conversion stuff! Ive only done one 40mg shot. Will increase it today!

Don’t assume that you’ll be infertile without the hcg. That’s a good way to get a surprise baby.

I dont preload them. And yeah I prefer the glutes since, after I drive for an hour to work. Sitting helps put some pressure in the area so I never feel tenderness.

I stopped using HCG recently after 2 continuous years of using it. I have lost 6lbs in water weight since discontinuing. Not much else to report yet, it is early in the change.

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How quickly ?

Quick. Over the first couple of weeks stopping HCG I am down 6lbs. No other changes to protocol, calorie intake, or exercise regimen. My wedding band is now very loose fitting and face noticeable thinner and less puffy. Much less water retention.

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Felt way better for the first 3 weeks or so (higher libido, better sex, etc) then started to experience insomnia. Still trying to figure out why.

@mkrtech You talking cessation of hCG or when you started hCG?

Cessation of HCG and staying on T

protocol was 250 IU hcg EOD and 30 mg T EOD. Now just 30 mg T EOD

Up your T dose. You have plenty of room. Youre halting endogenous production so now the change will bring lower levels of Test.

By how much?

Sorry not you, I was referring to Mkrtech. You should be fine with 160mg. Im on the same dose, except I started to do EOD in order to keep a constant good level. While coming off HCG and AI. How you feel in the next 12 weeks should define any need for a protocol change.

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