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What Did You Eat Today?


I always love to talk about food... Almost as much as I like eating it.

Breakfast: 1 Glass Semi-Skimmed Milk, 1 banana, 1 yogurt, 1 glass acai berry and pomegranate smoothie, 1 protein bar.

Lunch: Went into the city with a friend and we decided to be fat fucks and hit up subway and burger king. 6 Inch Italian BMT on Italian herbs and cheese bread with olives, lettuce, cucumber, onions, tomatos and Caesar sauce with a oatmeal and raisins cookie and a medium coke < was a meal deal. 1 double cheeseburger and fries with a small drink about 20mins later at burger king.

Mid afternoon snack: chicken and pasta with salad.

Dinner: yogurt, cashew nuts, milk, banana, mackerel in olive oil.

I plan on eating nothing else today... But hell there's always the pizza in the freezer...


I like your black & white super grainy picture in your profile.


meal 1)

protein shake: 30g of carbs, 65g of protein, 45g of fat

preworkout snack)

RTD banana muscle milk w/ sugar free rockstar energy drink 27g of protein, 9g of fat

postworkout shake)

50g of protein

30minutes later...meal #2

...In n' out burger: 4 meat patties, one slice of cheese (40g of carbs ~60g of protein ~70g of fat)

meal #3

shrimp and hardboiled egg salad with 3 TBS of EVOO (5 carbs, 35g of protein, 50g of fat)

meal #4

1lb ground beef with cheese and salsa (i drain most the fat so i am not sure of the macro breakdown but i would guess it to be around 70g of protein and 60g of fat

meal #5

not sure yet

meal #6

1C of cottage cheese and half a cup of peanuts
40g of protein 45g of fat, 5g of carbs


Breakfast 1 - Protein Shake with oats, banana, frozen strawberries, 2 scoops of whey and full fat milk.

Breakfast 2 - McDonalds Sausage & Egg Muffin Meal with OJ (I know but I am buling and I love them)

Lunch - Steak, corn tortillas, Salsa and Oaxacca Chease

Dinner - TBC

Late night snack - TBC


Breakfast 1 - Peanut butter on Toast + coffee
Breakfast 2 - Oatmeal + protein shake

Snack - Protein shake + mixed nuts (usually have meat but did not cook any last night)
Post workout - Protein shake

Lunch - Wheat toast + homemade chili
Dinner - BBQ Chicken + salad + toast maybe

Bedtime - Protein shake / Milk


Rolled out of bed at the crack of 10am... - Optimum Nutrition whey 30g & water and Universal Nutrition AnimalPak multi

Breakfast - 10 egg omelette w/ cheese (8 whites, 2 whole), toast, cottage cheese, 16oz 2% milk

Snack 1 - crunchy peanut butter suitcase (sandwich w/ one piece o' bread... PB in middle, roll up like a suitcase. gay? maybe)

Lunch - 5 guys burgers and fries Bacon Cheeseburger w/ everything and order of fries (huge meal, if anyone knows of the place. amazing)

Snack 2 - another peanut butter suitcase and a banana. 8oz chicken breast w/ A1

Snack 3 - another 30g ON whey shake

pre-workout - CytoSport MonsterPump, beta alanine caps

Immediately post-workout - MonsterAmino

20 min post-workout - MuscleMilk (out of chocolate, unfortunately... only cookies and cream left. Blegh)

30-45 min after MuscleMilk - another 10 egg omelette and toast

before bed - 1.5 or 2 8oz chicken breasts w/ A1 and maybe some brown rice


I drink water throughout the day and snack on almonds in the car.

I know I went into the future with this. Maybe I'm using the T-Nation forum as a 'to-do' list. I want to try for a 475 or 500lb squat tomorrow, and getting all my food in today will help me tomorrow. I need more veggies in my diet. And maybe I should ditch the cookies.


I've been kind of broke lately so...I just invited my girl over and had her give me a plate of vagina. Was a bit to salty for my taste this time though.

All joking aside. I've eaten like a squirrel today

6 oz ground beef
2 whole eggs
8oz milk
80 gramz waxy maize(preworkout drink)

Postworkout 80 grams waxy maize, 48 grams whey protein

8 oz chicken breast slathered in buffalo wing red hot sauce
couple handfuls white rice
pickled jalapeno

snack bulk shake
2 cups milk
1 cup oats
24 grams whey protein
handful almonds

Hungry Howies pizza currently on it's way mmmm sausage and pepperoni awwwwe


lets see.

6 eggs with maple syrup poured on them.
5 slides of bread with jam
glass of milk with 4 scoops of protein.

Lunch + post workout
12 inch sub, double meatballs
medium cup filled with milk mixed with 1 scoop waxy maize, 4 scoops protein
diet coke

Dinner about 5 PM

Double Big mac, fries, 10 nuggets, diet coke

and I'll probably have 2 scoops of protein and some cottage cheese in about an hour.


I am on a weight loss diet, so today I ate Cup Noodles with shrimp, peanut butter sandwich, Almond Joy, Kit Kat, and Snickers.

Yesterday I had vanilla Drumstick ice cream cone and Nutter Butter wafer cookies.




i had a client come in and throw a bag from burger king away in the office I was in......i was like "session over!"

then i went to sleep on a yoga mat curled up like a baby

  1. 6 Eggs w/ 2 slices of ham and shredded cheese

  2. 6" turkey and ham on wheat (double meat) with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce.

  3. 2 cups cottage cheese, handful of pistachios, an apple

  4. 1 lb. of 95% lean ground sirloin w/ salt and A1 sauce, big spoon of almond butter

to come:

  1. Chicken and sweet potatoes, and some spinach salad with olive oil and feta cheese

  2. 2 scoops Metabolic Drive w/ some type of good fat thrown in there

Not enough protein today... gotta step up my breakfast, definitely.


Not enough, too busy to eat:

cereal with milk
chicken/bean burrito
granola bar
ham & cheese ( no bread)
in a little while I'll have some homemade beef chili

In a couple of weeks when I can do a whole workout I'll double that and also have protein shakes made with bananas and soymilk (hate cow milk) and stevia for sweetener.


breakfast i had 2 c skim milk, 2scoops of whey protein, 1 cup oats, breakdown 70ish protein,75ish carbs <10g fat.
pre workout 75 grams whey protein, post workout 50 grams whey 50gram waxy maize.

dinner 2 breaded chicken breasts with honey mustard, big bowl spinach with italian dressing, approx 40 protein 40 carbs, 30 fats,

snack one can of chicken gumbo soup approx 15 protein, 40 carbs about 6 grams fat

before bed 75 grams whey protein, 16 grams of psylium husk, 5 fish oil tabs, about 75grams protein, little to no carbs, 5 grams fat approx

throuhout the day about 2 gallons of H2O, with various supplements and vitamins.


i am pretty sure he is messing around. his diet is being tracked somewhere here, he is pretty meticulous about it


seems like a lot of protein shakes. Why not just eat food?


Meal 1 - 12 scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, a mountain of left over mashed potatoes. Everything drowned in hot sauce. Whole milk to drink.

Meal 2 - 4 bacon cheese burgers with jalapenos and avocados. More milk.

Meal 3 - 2 Peanut butter sandwiches and some beef chili. Delicious milk.

Meal 4 - Mega-good-god-it-weighs-as-much-as-a-raccoon shake. It had milk in it.

Meal 5 - 3 pork chops, rice, green beans. MOAR MILK! And oreos.

Meal 6 - Yet to come. Milk will be involved.


Not enough, busy most of the day.


Upon awakening:

  • 1 serving milk: 8g protein, 12g carbohydrates, 8g fat, 150 calories

  • protein shake (gatorade + whey protein)

    • gatorade: 0g P, 34g C, 0g F, 130 cal
    • 3 scoops whey: 60g P, 12g C, 4.5g F, 330 cal

During 1st class:

  • rice krispies treat: 1g P, 28g C, 3.5g F, 150 cal

After 3rd class:

  • 1 jr bacon cheeseburger: 17g P, 25g C, 16g F, 310 cal
  • 1 crispy chicken sandwich: 15g P, 36g C, 18g F, 360 cal

After last class:

  • 1 jr bacon cheeseburger: 17g P, 25g C, 16g F, 310 cal
  • 1 crispy chicken sandwich: 15g P, 36g C, 18g F, 360 cal

Next meal:

  • 1/2 chicken breast: 58.57g P, 0g C, 4.575g F, 292.84 cal
  • 1/2 can of beans: 10.5g P, 40.25g C, 1.75g F, 227.5 cal

While studying:

  • 2 nutrigrain cereal bars: 4g P, 48g C, 6g F, 260 cal
  • 3 servings milk: 24g P, 36g C, 24g F, 450 cal


  • 1/2 chicken breast: 58.57g P, 0g C, 4.575g F, 292.84 cal
  • ramen noodles: 10g P, 52g C, 14g F, 380 cal

Daily total so far:

298.64g P, 384.25g C, 138.9g F, 4003.18 cal

The rice krispies treats and nutrigrain bars were free from school, so whatever. I'm poor. And yes, I actually track this on an Excel spreadsheet. It's the only way I can tell whether or not I'm eating enough.


ho-leee shit- I think I've just realized why I've never had much luck in gaining. 1.5 pounds of chicken and a 1/2 pound of beef and 20 eggs and 60 g shakes? I need to actually start counting my protein intake and - more importantly- ramping it up. Thought I was doing well yesterday having eaten 12 oz ham before dinner...

seriously- thanks OP and others for the morning bitch-slap. Going to the grocery store today.