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What Did the US Do to South American Governments?


I said no such thing. What I said was,


Apologies, mispoke


No worries. And speaking of apologies…I apologize if I was strident in my responses to you (it seems to me I was).


Psh having my views challenged to either be thought out or changed is why I post here. No apologies needed

Don’t venture out into the world of larger public forums. There’s a lot more Raj’s and Zeps than anyone cares to admit. Raj actually wasn’t all that bad most days compared to larger harder to police forums


Yeah I’ll contemplate that in my deck drinking 25 year old Balvenie scotch tonight as my wife drives up in her new Jaguar. Hate to break it to you but us aboriginals do just fine if we don’t buy into the modern culture of minority victimhood.


Well, he did say imagine and you did say if.


This isn’t a personal slight - to my knowledge it’s a fact that Native Americans suffer from a myriad social and economic problems, whether self inflicted or not.

This isn’t about the roots/causes of those issues, but the fact that the aboriginal population in South America (and large parts of Central America) dwarfs that of North America and influenced the development trajectory of Southern American countries. Well, that and the encomienda system and lack of property rights but I digress.

Not try to extrapolate that to 30 or 40% of the population. The US probably would look completely different, even if it came into existence.


You could also imagine what the South (USA) would like if there had been no Northern Migration of blacks.