What Did I Just Do to my Calf?

Stretching my legs out locking my knees and pointing toes foward and my calf literally moved towards the inside of my leg I was on the floor rolling in agony, I felt like I’d been shot, my girlfriend pushed it back into place and it felt better but the tendons at the back of my knee hurt when I dorsiflex my toes… never had anything like that before… wtf did I do!?

Calf cramp??

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I hope so I really don’t want to be missing out on PR’s, Extremely horrible experience never had cramp that bad, ever.

I used to get them pretty bad when I was dehydrated. More water ?

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Maybe, I did sweat a lot during the day labouring, seems fine now but shit me up big time how my calf literally shifted in between my leg, kept stretching it after seems good now, thanks.