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What Did I Do Wrong


Okay, so I have been putting off working out for some time now. Yesterday, I finally got away from a horrible roommate that stayed awake until 2am and woke up at 6am. He then slept during the day. Keep me from getting decent sleep. I am 6' and 230 pounds. I haven't worked out as a lifestyle in about 4-5 years. Been busy drinking, but now have my shit straight.

My last meal yesterday was at about 8pm. I ate a ham sandwich with american cheese and wheat bread. Drank a glass of skim milk and one of water. I did some studying and went to bed at 10pm.

I woke up at 6am, took my morning dump, and got dressed. I took a protein shake with water right when I woke up. I stretched in my room so that I felt good walking to the gym. I got there and jumped rope for 5 minutes(45 seconds on and 30 second break, then 1 minute on and 30 second break until 5 minutes).

After that, I went to the track. I did a mile(9 laps = 1 mile). I jogged three, walked 1, jogged 2, walked 1, jogged 1.5, walked last .5 of a lap to cool off. I got a drink of water from the fountain and walked downstairs.

The girl at the front desk said that I could copy down the gym hours for Christmas break. I was writing and probably 5-10 seconds into it I got VERY dizzy. Then everything got black looking and I saw flashes of different colors. There was a chair close to me so I sat down. After about 3 minutes I was fine. I haven't felt like that since I was in highschool and a kid tried to dead-leg me when I was standing up straight, but hit the side of my knee on accident.

So, was this because I haven't worked out in so long and was not used to it, or possibly I was standing with my legs locked while writing? What do you think? Sorry about the long post here.

Also, I am planning on trying to lose weight AND gain mass. Might as well do both. I just started running because I am going to try to do BBB first. Today was an off day with light to moderate cardio. Starting the lifting tomorrow :slight_smile:


so you decided to start your workout lifestyle with a day off huh?

And thanks for the 'dump' part, I see where that was a really integral part of the story.

As for your dizziness, morning workouts have always been iffy for me. Your body will have an adjustment period. You probably just hit a low cycle of blood pressure going from 'exercise' to not.




If you don't have time to eat a big breakfast, at least get an MRP. A scoop of protein isn't going to last during all that cardio. You need some carbs and fat too. Try some Metabolic Drive Complete.

Pick a goal. Lose fat, or gain mass, not both. If you choose both, you will be fighting a losing battle. You may see some good results at first, but sooner or later you will need to decide what your priority is.

Long story short, you probably didn't have enough calories in you when you exercised, and your body was obviously not used to the exertion.


Read the following nutrition articles, and all the articles link in them, you will find that not one of them reccomend eating white bread.

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Thanks for the links. They are great, but I don't eat white bread. I only eat wheat bread. Never really have liked white.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I went to my first lifting workout today. I got up extra early and took in some more calories than yesterday. I felt a lot better.


Could have swore it said white bread. lol oh well. good luck.