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What Did I Do Wrong with Quad Injection


Hi, recently started my 4th cycle, have had a 2 year break since the last one and this one. First pin was good, 2ml test e 300mg into right quad, there was a bit of pop as expected with 600mg going into a muscle I haven’t used for 2 years.

Fast forward a week and it’s time for the left, pinned identical place as on the right, same places I have done dozens of jabs over the years, there was a bit more blood when I pulled out the needle than usual, the next day there was the usual pop, following day was very painful! It really hurt to walk and that continued for the next few days, just thought it was virgin muscle pip, then leg swelled up, now it’s been 6 days pain has reduced by around %90 from the original pip, swelling has moved down to the knee, is this just the fluid not getting absorbed. As the pain is getting better, does this mean it’s getting better on its own, haven’t been to doctors yet, I can walk on leg perfectly fine now with no pain. Slightly hot but not really red

Never had this before and pinned quads lots of times with 2-3ml, high tren and test.

Any advice? Got my next pin tomorrow, will be doing right quad again.


Check your vial label for ethyl oleate, because it sounds exactly like what happens with me if I take gear with it in the mix. Plenty of people have no bad reactions to EO but if you do the only remedy is to use stuff that doesn’t have any EO.