What Did I Do Wrong? What Should I Do Now?

And how do you know my HPTA is responding badly to clomid?

You’re already trying it with the Clomid. I think if it’s not working for you then you should think about your options going forward. If TRT worked then you should really think about seeing your doctor and getting back on. There are ways to give you a better chance to remain fertile. Tell your doctor what your goals are and if they are competent they’ll work to try to find you a protocol. No guarantees that you can remain fertile, but right now it sounds like you’ve thrown a lot of things at the problem and none of them have worked.

Ok so about three months ago I was responding well to hcg…then my levals went back to normal…
this time I’ve only took clomid for around 6days…
Would I not need to take it longer than that to see if I can start up HPTA?

Your numbers are underwhelming, your numbers are still scraping the below the bottom of the ranges 6 months after clomid.

Your restart already failed and you couldn’t stand clomid, your only other option is TRT. HCG can be used together with TRT to keep the testes functioning or bring them back from a non-functional state.

There was a period around October I was having sex 3 times a day, I was on hgh then stopped it, could the hgh of shut me down?

Absolutely, HGH controls the production of all the other hormones in the body, including testosterone. During puberty, great amounts of HGH are being secreted by the pituitary gland to have a multitude of effects. … Thus HGH increases testosterone levels and promotes muscle building and sexual libido.

Why did you stop HGH?

To be honest because it was too expensive…really appreciate your help mate…what should I do now? I’ve got clomid and nova ready to go

Please tell me my next move man, im in a works of pain with this…

I’m not sure TRT will fix your HGH issues, that’s a question for KSman. If HGH affects all other hormones and you’re deficient, then it seems to have far reaching effects on other hormones.

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@systemlord I appreciate your honestly…
@KSman any thoughts mate?

Anybody got any take on this? I wouldn’t ask but I’m desperate…
@KSman I’m really new to all this so sorry if I come across stupid!

Post a update request in link below and he’ll get to you. He’s helping so many guys it’s difficult to keep track of everyone.


Ok thanks brother

Copy and paste url above in KSman thread so he has a link to here.

Your welcome.

Just copied and pasted my post there now :+1:

I have a question. Which of these drugs were prescribed by a doctor and which (if any) were sourced, er, elsewhere? Was this all done under a doctor’s supervision or no? I’m not judging, I’m just trying to understand the timeline and how you ended up so utterly messed up.

I was told by my doctor to get clomid, he said he couldn’t get it for me, I managed to buy it out of India…
Yes it was done under doctor supervision, he has now got me on a detox course for 4weeks…
Also prescribed me minerals to drink through your the day…(for 180 days)
I’m all taking Maca, tribullas and libido tablets!

Hey @systemlord quick question where can I find the sticky’s?

So did you just try make me feel stupid or was there a point you were trying to make?

Here’s the stickys bud

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