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I have recently become more and more in love with powerlifting/getting stronger. It is now my obsession. I just turned 18 years old my current lifts are 365 (touch n go) bench 545 squat 585 deadlift. This puts me close to a 1500 raw total. Is this "strong"?

I train in a commercial gym and I am always the strongest guy in there. However then on the internet I'll see people who are quite a bit stronger than me. Would just like some opinions and a general discussion on what defines being "strong". What are some of your guys stats? Thanks


What is your weight class and would you compete tested or non tested?

Some people disagree about these numbers and say they’re too low and should be raised to the higher numbers; but I believe the lower numbers are for drug tested and the higher for untested and that is completely reasonable.

But the fact of the matter is no matter how strong you get there will almost definitely be someone stronger than you. You just gotta hope they don’t show up come meet day

My best gym lifts: 435/325/495 Best comp lifts: 405/295/500 compete at 181


Been focusing on strongman. Last meet was in 2012, where I went 501-336-601 at 181. Current best gym lifts are 550-350-650 at 200.

Strong is when you no longer need to ask if you are strong.


Best lifts:
585/375/570 at a weight from 240-255.

I think a strong powerlifter should be at at roughly 2.75xbw squat, 1.75xbw bench, 3xbw deadlift. This is a 1485 total at 198. This relative lifts are probably more reasonable for the 181, 198, and 220 classes than the others. Body weight relative lifts do get easier at lighter bodyweights, and harder at higher ones.


I plan on competing tested, @198