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What DB Range for Chest Size?

Hey guys,

I have been watching numerous youtube videos and of course I’ve seen all the arnie ones and after reading numerous articles I’ve gathered that arnie wasn’t as strong as modern day bodybuilders in relative terms. His chest is great. I’m currently flat benching 44kg dumbbells and 35kg db’s on incline.

NOw before people get all excited and tell me that its not all about chest-I am aware of this but Its what I want the most so what sort of dumbell range should I be aiming at to get the sheer size of a bodybuilder?

Many thanks

It’s not all about chest!!!

haha sorry

Arnie was strong, he deadlifted 700+, squatted 405 for reps. Not sure what he pressed though.

Aim for 150’s for 10+ reps on incline, you’ll probably have a decent chest when you’re getting close to that.

Good luck

Your chest isn’t going to grow much out of proportion with the rest of your body. You make any body part bigger by getting stronger in exercises which use that body part while eating surplus calories. There isn’t going to be some magic “if I can press this weight my chest will be HYOOOGE” number that anyone can give you.

Yeah, it depends on your height and your proportions to be honest. But you will DEFINITELY have a chest when you can dumbbell press the 150’s for sets of 10 lol!

arnold also did steroids. a lot of steroids.