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What Days to Stick?

I am currently on 400mg test and 400mg of deca per week and take all at the same time. It has been suggested that I take 200mg test and 200mg deca two times per week (Sat & Wed) instead of all at the same time. I have never heard this before and was wanting to know what others did?

What has been suggested to you is the SOP for both testosterone and nandrolone d. You should absolutely be taking it twice a week, especially the testosterone.

Wouldn’t that matter in the ester of the test, as I have experience with a tri-mix that works fine at once a week for me

There exists no test blend that can be optimally pinned once a week. Can a blend be perfectly fine once a week? Sure. But if someone is going to run a cycle then they might as well do it right and give themselves the best chance at maximum returns.

I have to ask…is this your first cycle?

thanks for the responses.

No this is not my first. I’m mid 40’s and been in the gym since I was 14. I usually run a cycle or 2 around this time of the year to add a pound of muscle or two then lean out for summer, currently 6’02" 245lb at 12.5%BF. I have always pinned one day a week all at the same time then was suggested that I half it and pin on the first and fourth day of the week.

I do those 400MG once every 5 days personally.

Both is fine though

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