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What Days to Run?

I’ve just started weight training this week, so I am as beginner as it gets. A few days ago was my first time touching free-weights. Ever. My lifting weights are pathetic (less than half my body weight) but hey, you have to start somewhere right?

I’ve done a lot of reading and decided this looked like a good plan to start with:

Total-Body Training
The 3-day-per-week, full-body workout plan
by Chad Waterbury

For diet I’m following Precision Nutrition by JB.

Workout days will be Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.

My main question is if, and on what days can I run? I have a treadmill so I can monitor/do whatever distance/time/heart-rate % is best, but I’ve read so much conflicting information I’m not sure what I should do.

I’d like to get to a point where I do a 10 minute mile or less, or at least jog a few miles without wanting to die. (yes my level of fitness now is awful, i’ve spent most of my life playing video games :stuck_out_tongue: ) But is this going to conflict with or nullify my weight training? Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

well, you’re off to a great start picking those programs. as far as cardio, it depends on your goals. if you want to increase overall cardiovascular fitness and you’re just beginning, do some steady state cardio for 20-30 minutes on your non-lifting days.

5 minute warmup, then work period, then a few minutes cooldown. for the work period, run or bike or row at a pace that will allow you to still hold a conversation with someone without dying. increasing your daily energy expenditure by taking stairs (as opposed to escalator or elevator), parking further away from stores, etc will help too.

Thanks for the advice. My main goal at least for the next few months is indeed to get in better overall health/condition. I just wasn’t sure if the treadmill would interfere with the “recovery” days or not.

as long as you are getting the right nutrition, water, and sleep, the cardio shouldn’t interfere with your lifting. just make sure you are taking 1 day a week off from everything to recover.

if you feel it is taking away from your lifting sessions, cut back until you feel like you’re at a fitness level to continue again.

M Lift
T 40m jog
W Lift
Th 20m hard
F HiiT
S Lift
Su Rest

Working Randomly

There very little probability that you are going to be very energetic on Sunday, so that could you rest day apart from some stretching

Monday is pretty CNS intensive with 3x5 so I would stick some low HR jogging on Tuesday probably around 75% for 40mins with maybe a 1-2% incline

Friday, I there is some opportunity for some good HiiT maybe 30 minutes (10 min warm up 1/1 on off x10, 10 min warm down)

Thursday, a hard distance about 36 hours after Wednesday workout, maybe around 20 minutes at 80%

Remember the whole point of cardio, for non athletes, is so lean so post-workout I suggest a small banana, just to get some carbs back in, recovered, half a serving of protein (10-15g) with one pinch of salt, in WATER.

Carry on eating normally after.

It depends on how hard the running is. If it’s super hard, do it on your lifting days, preferably separated by six hours. This keeps your off days “off”. If it’s pretty easy, do it on your off days to aid recovery.