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What Day Do You Start New Injection Protocol?

For those of you who’ve gone from dosing once or twice a week, to every day or EOD, I was just wondering…

When you start doing it (lets say it’s every day), when do you start (given the last injection of your old protocol)?

Let’s say you usually inject on Sundays but you’re switching to every day. Do you start on Monday? Wednesday? Or do you wait all the way until the following Sunday?

Does not seem like a dumb question.

I have not gone from once a week, so take this for what it is worth, but if I did decide to switch to more frequent dosing, I would wait until due for my next injection (all the way until the following Sunday in your scenario) and start the new dosing schedule then.

That makes sense. I had always thought that doing daily would be way more trouble than it’s worth, but then I got to thinking about what a small amount that is, and how quickly it’d be to load the syringe and inject. Load a syringe the night before…should only take moments to draw such a small amount (even through a 29g needle), and only a moment to inject in the morning…

Doesn’t seem like much trouble at all…

Let us know how it goes if you do make the change.