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What Cycles are Best for Someone Already on TRT?

Currently on Test C 100mg/week, which I have been on for over 10 years. Looking to start a cycle and was looking for recommendations. In my trough, I’m around 600 total T, my E1 is ~50, E2 is ~24, IGF ~200. Not sure if best to just up my current amount, or add an oral, or Deca etc.

Depends on your goals. What are you looking for?

Can’t go wrong with simply more Test…

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I love to add Tren. Good dry and full muscles.

More Test is also good. With some orals with it, anavar maybe.

Deca/NPP if u want to pack more muscle.

I’m looking to put more muscle on.

Then the answer is more test. If you’re at 600 during trough with 100mg/w then you’ll be blown away by how much you can gain with a standard blast at like 500mg/w. It’s cheap, you already know how test affects you, and it carries with it very little additional risk.


I’m with those who say more test but if you are lean enough, masteron will add polish to your look.

I’m also a fan of T only for first blast. You did not state your age. I’ve been on TRT for just over 5 years and blast twice a year. I’m 65 so I wanted to go slowing. My first was 300/wk/12wks then 350 my last two were 400. I am on day 50 of my spring blast. I have no found any aas that offer enough gains to justify the bad sides they all cook your liver. The guys with bucks no longer do aas they do insulin and GH.

What about running an AI? Any thoughts on how to combat irritability? I’ve certainly noticed from the many years on test that things tend to set me off more so than before I was on it and I’m guessing going that high would cause it to get amplified further.

I’m typically around 10% body fat. Up a little when trying to put on some mass, down a little in the summer. As for age I’m 43. I don’t want to do too much at once. I’d rather wade in and see how things effect me beyond my usual TRT.

AI is dependent on your needs. If you notice high e2 symptoms then you can take it. If not then you are one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need it. The fewer drugs you have to take the better.

When I am on my TRT dose I control my E2 with anastrozole I like keeping it in the high 20’s but when I blast I stop the AI and just let my E2 run high. I think it protects my joints from the heavy workouts at the gym. It does not make me angry. In fact when my TT is 2000 FT is 80 I am calm and have a lot of confidence. My mind is super sharp and I remember stuff I had forgotten years ago. It scares me sometime but also makes me smile. Only down side big time ED.
This is where 350/wk at steady state get me.

How do you know when to take adex? I’ve bought some to have on hand. Last thing I want is gyno.

mini blood tests is the best way to keep gyno at bay.
Monitor your E2 and prolactin don’t let them get over range for very long.

In time you just know when to take it. It’s a feeling one gets. I like to run 80-100mg /wk so I don’t usually need much of an AI.