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What Cycle to Start With?

It has been 6 years since I have done a few cycles and I am seriously thinking about doing another one. I have remained working out and eating right for those 6 years. I am almost thirty one and played college basketball long ago and I am just trying to figure out what is going to be the best stack for me to use.

One of the problems that I experienced from the first time I did a cycle is that I was a little ill informed on PCT and felt that it hurt me more psychologically than anything. I’m just looking to be steered in the right direction by those who truly know whats going on.

I am 6’1" and 255 lbs and 16% BF. I’m looking to loose that “tire” around my gut and add on some lean muscle mass.
I spend 4 days a week lifting and I am still seeing quality strength gains in all areas.

I play sand volleyball two nights a week and run 2-3 miles 3 other days a week. My diet usually consists of 250gms of protein a day, by meals and protein supplements, around 150 gms of carbs. I typically eat 4-5 smaller meals a day.

I am wanting to know what should I stack together to loose body fat and increase lean muscle. I would like a schedule of what to take, how much, and for how long. Also, I would like to know what I should need for PCT. All of this together would really help me out. I want to have everything purchased before I start my cycle so I can avoid any ill effects that could occur.

800 mg/week Primo (inject)
40 mg/day Dbol
500 mg/week Cyp
…all for 12 weeks.

Weeks 13-16
Arim .25 mg/day
Nolva 40 mg/day
Clo 300,200,100,50

Eat like a pregnant elephant!!

Note: run Dbol for 4 weeks.

primo is expensive though hah

pregnant elephants aren’t concerned with fat loss though. :slight_smile:

Eat a little under maintenance. Actually, you can push the diet to slightly more extreme measures while “on”. But regardless of what you do, bring it back to moderate/regular BEFORE you go off. It’ll help you keep gains and keep your metabolism going for “regular” dieting.

Primo and Cyp are both testosterone, why use both. What is the benefits of this? What will it do instead of just using one or the other. I appreciate your input Headhunter and Aragorn. I ask a lot of questions it’s the best way to learn.

He’s going to need higher does of Arimidex if he’s going to be taking all of that. And I agree, Primo is expensive; at that dose and for that length, too expensive.

Your main focus should be your diet, making adjustments as you go along. For example, you’re going to want to increase your protein intake. How many grams of fat do you usually consume, and total calories?

Give us some details about your physical activity. How fast do you run those 2-3 miles that you run 3 times a week?

I consume around 150 gms of fat per day and anywhere from 1500-2000 cal as well. I lift four days a week. Chest on Monday, Back and Biceps on Tuesday, Legs on Thursday, and Shoulders and Triceps on Fridays. I would say that I lift a lot like the doggcrapp method that I have read a lot about.

I have got incredible gains from this system of working out in the passed 8 months. I am stronger now than ever before. On Modays and Tuesdays I play 4-person sand volleyball, its a great workout! Then I run on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I tend to run anywhere from an 8-10 minute mile. I’m not breaking any recoerds, but its exercise and a great sweat.

If primo is so expensive, whats another alternative? I did more research on primo and it said that it was to be used in conjunction with a testosterone, that is where I miss understood and thought that it was a testosterone. Let me know what other ideas you have! I do appreciate it!!

What price range do you think that I will be in when I purchase gear like this?

The test will run you around 150+, the PCT (nolva) and adex combined should run you 110 (if you purchase from chemoneresearch), and other stuff I don’t know.

Those numbers can’t be right. If you’re taking in 250g of protein, 150g of fat, and 150g of carbs per day, that puts you at about 2950 calories per day, not 1500-2000. For someone of your size, that’s very little calories if you really are taking in 2000 or less.

I’d go with 12 calories per pound of bodyweight. It’s a reasonable number without being so strict.

Thanks Contrl, I really don’t eat a lot. I know that I have to eat so much to gain muscle and I get quite a bit from whey protein and a meal replacement that I take 1-2 times a day! Just don’t know why I am not leaner than what I am. I’m not sure if its turning 31 in a few days or what.

I like the info that you are giving me. It really helps being around some vets to acquire knowledge that is beneficial! If you have any other ideas let me know!