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What Counts as Natural?

I’ve had this question on my mind for some time now but if I’ve been on multiple cycles before but am currently clean and have been for over a year and a half does that qualify me as a Natural BB or because I’ve been on before will I always have a label? Not that I care about whether or not I can call myself natural because, in all honesty, people can think whatever they want about me. This was just something on my mind and thought I could get some insight about.

You will have the label of someone who took steroids in the past but isn’t now.

Which is between current steroid user and lifetime natural.

Not natural means you have been taking an amount of testosterone that puts you above the normal range (over 100 mg) or if you took any other steroid that is not testosterone.

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Since you’ve mentioned multiple cycles and it only being a year and a half since you’ve stopped cycling I would have to say there is no way you could be considered natural

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That makes sense jasmincar, I definitely don’t mind the label. I mean it is what it is and truth be told, I’d rather be on than off, even if people do want to judge. Also, I’m over the normal range for certain. Scrawny_to_fat_skinny thanks for your input, I was leaning more towards that conclusion. Mostly wasn’t sure if there was some kind of level you had to be at before someone could/would consider themselves natty. I figured that because I’ve taken the amount of gear I have, and have changed my body severely, that any progress I make while clean is just null and void.

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I don’t know.
Now, because you say you’ve made considerable progress over multiple cycles I wouldn’t consider you natty but any new gains made clean after doing multiple cycles should def not be considered null and void.
I’m not sure the context of why you’re asking but if you are conversating about bodybuilding with friends and they don’t want to credit your advice because you used AAS I think that is a different story
To stop using and make progress after multiple cycles is amazing, even more so than if you never used. That is assuming you are making new gains and not rebuilding muscle lost
Regardless, people are mostly negative. Do what’s best for you and know the hard work you’ve put in that can’t be credited to drug use alone

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You are clean right know, but not natural. if you consider to compete as natural/ natural show, you need to look at the rules of the show, a friend of mine could compete as natural but he need to be clean for 7 years to do it. They use some kind of truth machine, I think it was a polygraph and urine test with all competitors. But you are not natural, just clean.

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what a weird question.

no, you never get to be natural again. ever. A single cycle alters your body chemistry permanently, there’s plenty of scientific data to back that up as a fact. A lifetime natural lifter is not the same as even one who hasn’t cycled for 10 years.

Now, if we’re talking about competition purposes, then yes, there are definitely federations that will consider you as a natural competitor after a period of time. You would have to check with federation rules to know how long this is. It varies.


Thanks for all the feedback. The context was just general curiosity because I didn’t know if people who are clean were considered natural. It might be weird to someone who has done research on this matter but I haven’t, that’s why I asked about it on this forum. Its good to know that people have more experience than me so I can get good information but the condescension is unnecessary. Also I don’t think I’ll ever be competing but its good to know that there are some standards that you can meet to be considered natural.

the reason it’s weird is not because i’m more educated than you on the subject or anything. It’s weird because this is strictly an opinion. Like, there is no actual answer. It’s a nebulous term, you can use it however you want. I truly just don’t understand the need to label yourself as any particular thing. I think my answer suits the general consensus of the lifting world, but I’m positive there are plenty of people out there claiming natural status just because they haven’t done anything recently. So it’s kind of up to you what you call yourself, ya know?

Yeah that makes sense. I pretty much assumed that because I’ve been on before I can’t go back, which I completely fine with. All in all I really just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were about it, and not to judge, but for my piece of mind.

oh you’ll certainly be judged by plenty of people in the ‘real world’ for it. No question. That’s why I tell very few people that I’m on. It’s not worth discussing with most people, even if it means you have to lie to them. A lot of people will want to discredit your work completely for using, even within the strength world. It sucks, but that’s how it goes. Basically the only people who I talk to about it at all are other people who use steroids.


I totally agree with you on that one!!! People think that gear is just an easy way to get muscle… They are completely wrong! The people that talk shit about gear and claim that it kills will be the same people drinking heavily while smoking… Gotta love the idiots…

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Thanks guys for the feed back. Sorry it took me so long to reply no excuse for that just haven’t been on in a while. But that was pretty much everything I was looking for. Glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to say shit about it cause other people don’t have the correct information on the subject.