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What Could I Add to My Diet?


So I decided to begin my new nutrition plan while on vacation. I went out and bought the following things:

boneless skinless chicken filets
4% large curd cottage cheese (mistake?)
kashi cinnamon oatmeal
natural peanut butter

I have been starting out:

8am egg whites, blueberries, strawberries, coffee
11am 2 packs of kashi oatmeal (cinnamon) with 2 scoops of natural peanut butter

now in the morning I do ok, I have no cravings or anything.

But come 1pm I get seriously hungry, I was originally having cottage cheese with blueberries mix in, but thats not doing the trick.

what should I have at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and a late night snack?

Should I just be eating chicken, fish, sweet potato plain, and lots of veggies from 1pm on, and then for a late night snack just have some fruit?

Anything I could add to my breakfast to keep me a little more full?

Im 5'9, 200, 15% body fat that is all in my stomach, but I have an appetite that likes to be fed every 2-3 hours and I get real hungry. Thats why Im trying to figure what else I could add to my nutrition plan that has more substance. Egg whites and oatmeal work great for breakfast but like I said later in the day I crave real food.


a casien based protein source and some fiber

Other things lean beef would be great, fatty fish, lean pork, fruit with higher fiber content Big apples, mellons etc.

plenty o veggies good fats, olive oil