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What Constitutes Getting Your Account Frozen?

Hello everyone. I am kinda new to this forum and I have a question regarding the rules of the entire Tnation forum. I believe that I’ve read them all thoroughly. However, I’ve heard stories from other forums throughout the internet such as having an account put on hold temporarily, yet never being cleared of it forever merely because they asked “dumb” questions. I’ve heard that T Nation has been considered to be one of the best forums ever for acquiring all sorts of great advice, knowledge, ideas, etc. on weightlifting, cardio, sports, etc., so I do want to advantage of being able to asks all kinds of questions on here that I will have in the future.

Yet, I am worried about getting kicked out permanently just for asking “dumb” questions. The people who got their accounts frozen said that they didn’t even message anything that was either offensive or created spammed advertisements or was unrelated to any certain topic of discussion. They didn’t even realize that the questions they were asking were actually “dumb.” If those individuals were kicked out only because they kept asking “dumb” questions then how are we supposed to know what’s a “dumb” question and what is not?

Based on some of the questions I have seen asked, I cannot possibly fathom how dumb a question would have to be to get your account frozen. I think you will be fine.


Prisons are full of innocent people. Just ask them.

This is a new account for Bull_Scientist. You remember him, right? The guy who, for years, asked how to train, got phenomenal in-depth advice from everyone including multiple replies from Thibaudeau and Wendler (which either got ignored, overlooked, or he tried to refute), and then comes back a few months later to ask a variation of the same question after showing remarkably little progress. Whether that’s due to stubbornness, a learning disability, a social disorder, or simply a form of trolling, I’m not sure.

He’s managed to re-create a handful of new accounts through techno-wizardry, but we’re able to snag them quick enough. It’s not an issue of asking “dumb” questions leading to an account freeze or ban or whatever. It’s an issue of absolutely positively refusing to accept help being offered and wasting the time of forum members and coaches.

Yes, the forum is for asking questions and seeking advice and it may seem counterintuitive to block someone from posting because of the questions they ask and/or the way they ask them. I absolutely believe, as a trainer and as someone in charge of maintaining this forum, that there’s nothing this guy can derive from our site other than draining time from anyone who chooses to respond.

Bull, for the 1,000th-but-probably-not-last time, you will see infinitely more progress in the long and short term if you stop studying, stop reading, stop analyzing and overanalyzing, and go spend 12 months in the gym figuring shit out disconnected from the Internet.


Haha, oh wow, the good scientist himself. That actually answerd my question exactly of how dumb a question would have to be, haha.


The same question 1,000 times, instead of a question 1,000x as dumb


I guess my irrational fear of asking something stupid and getting my ass banned ain’t that irrational after all.