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What Constitutes an Empty Stomach?

OK, with a lot of supplements (Red Kat, Hot-Rox, ZMA, etc) the instructions always say that you should take them on an empty stomach. Now what constitutes an empty stomach? I mean is that like two hours after a meal? Three? Four? And once you take the supplement how long should you wait before you eat again?

A gigantic bowel movement!

Seriously, two hours after an average sized meal for your body.

For me it means 1st thing in the morning which is an obvious one.

I usually eat every 2.5 hours, so for me it is 2 hours after a meal at the least and then I have whatever supplement i am taking it would be 20-30 mins before the next meal.

Something like an hour before dinner. My stomach’s empty.

I believe the medical definition (got this from Jester9) is 2 hours after eating and 1 hour before eating.

Yeah saying two hours is close but this also depends on meal size. If you eat a whole pizza you’re not going to have an empty stomach 2 hours later. Thats why I said “average” meal earlier.

after an autopsy.

Ha…that really made me laugh!!

A few pills on an empty stomach would empty out in less then an hour. I confirmed with a pharmacist: the medical definition is 1/2 hour before, or two hours after food. However T-mag staff have commented on the forum that they (Bill Roberts?) don’t think Biotest supps have to be taken on an empty stomach. ZMA is a different issue.