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What Constitutes an Empty Stomach?

OK, I’m trying Tribex, which says to take a dose on an empty stomach. So I wake up, and before even turning off my alarm clock, I slam the pills with some water. I shower, get dressed, etc. About 30 minutes have now passed. Time for breakfast. Would eating ruin the “empty stomach” I took these on, or has there been enough digestion time. Similar with the evening dose. Is 3 hours after my last meal enough? I feel hungry enough… Thanks in advance for your thoughts…

I think you’re fine with what you’re doing. In fact, it’s exactly what I do except I have powdered tribulus and avena sativa (both standardized) that I bought from BAC and put them into empty gelatin capsules.

i too just started tribex (today actually) and last night i called biotest with the exact same question. the rep told me to take the dose thirty minutes after eating. so that equals, wake up, eat brekki, digest for 30, slam the pills. repeat ten hours later. hopefullly this works the best. peace.

I would like to use Tribex, but when I wake up in the morning I use PowerDrive. Taking supplements on an empty stomach is difficult. My stomach is never empty.