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What Constitutes an Athlete?


Part I. Generally what is an athlete?

Wasn't sure where to post this..so I just posted it here. I read countless articles that discuss "sports nutrition" or nutrition for "athletes". I'm always left with the question: "What is an athlete?" or "Am I considered an athlete?". If I'm unsure of what an athlete REALLY is or if I even fall under that category, what good is the nutritional advice in these articles for me?

So this is the general question.. When do you consider yourself and/or others athletes? .. And if someone does fall under this label..are they suddenly allowed to eat 60% of their calories or more in the form of carbohydrates??

Part II. Am I specifically an athlete?

This is in regards to me personally. IF anyone knows or remembers me at all on this forum (as I've just begun to post again recently) from about 2007-2009 I weight trained and competed in USAPL at 181lb class. I lost interest when the team disbanded and slowly drifted from weight training. Fast forward to now..my main interest is running performance particularly in the 5k race and perhaps 10k in the near future.

I know I'll get shit for this but I do P90X which is 6 days a week..I don't conventionally weight train anymore and I run approx 15 miles a week. I do speed work as well in the form of interval style sprints so to speak. I'm 5'8" and I only weigh 140lbs now..this is the weight most conducive for running distance. I'm not fast but I'm not slow and my 5k time is under 25 minutes..perhaps 23:xx if I really push.

My goal is of course to break the 20 min mark. Does this constitute me as an athlete even though my times are not generally considered "competitive"? Does this mean I should be eating carbs more..etc?


You're an athlete when you compete against othr people in sport.


Yes....you are an athlete. No....that doesn't necessarily mean you can get 60% of your daily calories from carbohydate, although depending on your workload that may be exactly what you need.


you weigh 140lbs and run a 5K in 23:XX minutes... that doesnt sound very athletic to me.


If you compete with others where physicality matters, you are an athlete. Among athletes, there are dabblers, amateurs and pros. Maybe what you are really asking is which of these three categories you fit into?


...I've been running for 1 month lol. Lemme ask you..what's your 5k time..can you finish a 5k?..Was I more athletic when I was 165lbs or 181lbs and my lift numbers were most likely higher than your current lifts?

..I don't mean entirely to come off as a dick..but your post certainly seems as though it did. Just sayin.


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If competition is involved, then I would define that as an athlete, even if that means you compete against yourself. Every workout I have, I try to get some new kind of PR, maybe 1 more rep with a given weight, 1 more set, less rest periods, etc.


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I ran the Warrior Dash (which is a 5K with lots of obstacles mixed in) in a group and we all finished in just under 30 minutes. (there were 4 girls in our group)

I ran a 3 mile timed run for a screening test in 18:03 (not quite a 5k though)

And yeah... I can finish a 5k brah.

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