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What College Did You All Go To?


Yale Here.


Umass Amherst


Currently attending Colorado State- Mechanical Engineering.


You started a thread to announce that you went to Yale?


Haha, Somebody wanted an ego-boost. Either that or he's setting people up to later piss them off with pretentiousness.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) ... still go there, in fact :slight_smile:


The Ivy degree gets you much more than just a job. While the rest of my peers were working 6AM-11PM most days during the first 2 years I worked 9-5 on "special project" with an executive level manager. The office they gave was a little small for my taste, but the made up for it with the mahogany furniture and good parking space under the building. A group of Alums at the firm even found me an apartment and set it up so it appeared that it had a "home office" (which the firm reimbursed me for each month). I felt a little bad walking in at 9 and seeing a bunch of sleepy coworkers so I occassionally brought in some coffee for them. Nothing fancy, but I think they appreciated it. I even bought donuts last year near the holidays, I know they like that sort of thing.



TSB baby


...I don't know whether you're being a jackass, or just totally out of touch with us commonfolk.


u play sports at Yale? if so what years? I was a S&C coach there


Tulane for a year, then Nebraska-Lincoln for my last two.




Emerson College.


No sports. I did martial arts and worked out w/ ROTC " ranger challenge " candidates during my undergraduate years, mostly b/c of the officers long association with aristocracy in Europe, where my family is from.


Sorry to burst the old cherry chums, but going to an Ivy does make you more entitled to a good job. I come from a long line of G. Winthrops that attended Yale. Despite the overwhelming legacy I feel my 2.7 GPA at Ithaca was the reason I got in, not Winthrop Jr, Sr. etc.


WTF. TSB motherfucker!


I think ivy league schools are a waste of money.


Of course.

But they offer superior networking. For all you know my young lad, the guy you study with may be president in 25 years. That kind of networking opens up a lot of doors.


wish i had gone to FSU.

or ASU.


Graduated from CSU w/ a BSME in '90