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What Coach Would You Work With?


I used to play baseball and recently a friend of mine(a former pro trying to sign on w/ another team), convinced me to go to a tryout w/ him.
I have not played organized baseball in about 6 years.

So last week I took a trip to the LA Dodgers Spring Training camp for an open tryout. I figured it would just be a relaxing day off work and I'd have some fun and then continue on w/ my life. Well...I ended up making the cuts until the end where they would have offered a contract (they didn't)...but the scout said I could definitely play independent pro ball right away.

About 75% of the guys at the tryout were already pro and in the position of trying to catch on w/ another team...and I played better than most of them...and in BP hit better than them all.

so, now I'm really thinking about giving it a shot. I have enough money to last me a little over a year and this would for sure be the last opportunity for me to do this (I'm 26).

so if I am really going to do this I want to be as prepared as possible. I have about 12 weeks before I'd need to tryout again. I am in no way in baseball shape...I workout pretty steady, about 2-3 days/week...right now 5'11", 200 lbs, about 10% bodyfat, 385 bench/550 squat/465 deadlift...

but, to sign on w/ a team, I'd need to be in the best shape possible so I was thinking of working w/ a professional strength and conditioning expert.

Today I called Poliquin Performance in Tempe, AZ to see about training w/ Charles Poliquin. I was also thinking of possibly working w/ Charlie Francis. Fortunately money is not a huge issue.

so, if it was up to you, who would you work with? Any suggestions?


Poliquin for sure


Tom Shaw.

I think he re-opened a facility in Florida since Katrina messed the one up he was using here in NOLA.




Dave Tate...I wanna be a strong motherfucker.


I'll be working with Eric Cressey as soon as I can aford to do so (hopefully within a month or 2).

Can't wait!


John Davies.


Check it out. Or do a search on him.


All those guys are good, but if you are in the LA area (I'm guessing so as that was the team you were trying out for) go see Alwyn Cosgrove.


I'm surprised no one said Chad Waterbury or John Berardi yet.

Tate would be a close second for me though.




I think people are misreading/not reading the question in his post.

He wants to know which coach you would go with in his situation, attempting a comeback in baseball and in this context. He's not asking who you would like to train with (given your situation).

Of course if people didn't read his post, they're not going to read this one either. I'll shut up now.

I'd say you probably can't go wrong with Poliquin


I changed my mind. Either John Basedow or Tony Little.


If you're in California, then possibly Bob Alejo. I'm not sure if he's still doing one on one training or if he's back in the collegiate setting.



Having worked with Charles Staley last summer, I would definately check him out. He is also in Arizona. Read up on him (through the search engine here) or at his website.



yeah he'd be my choice.. . 1. he'd help me iron out my imbalances and 2. he'd get me strong as all hell. ..


Bob is now at UCSB - but you're right - he'd be a great choice.

CA: Alejo or Cosgrove
Az: Mark Verstegen


I cant believe no one mentioned Defranco. with no disrespect to guys like Tate or Staley, i don't think they have ever trained a pro baseball player. Defranco has a bunch of pro baseball players to his credit - check out his testimonials & pro athlete pics section of his site - www.defrancostraining.com


You're right about people not reading the question right, oh well...


I am in Florida and would be looking to move to the area of whatever coach I choose for the time of the training. I only have about 12 weeks max, and would need to begin w/ them in a minimum of about 10 days or so.

in a baseball tryout the first thing you do is run 60 yards...so speed is the absolute most important thing. the baseball tryout is not so far removed from the NFL combine...it's the same general idea.

that is the reason I thought of Poliquin and Charlie Francis. tomorrow I plan on contacting Charles Staley and Joe Defranco to see what, if anything I could do with them.

has anyone ever worked with any of the coaches that have been listed?


Last summer I worked with Charles Staley using distance (E-mail and Conference Calls). His programs are totally awesome.


He has worked with all kinds of athletes, both amateur and pro. he provides a very focused program built around YOUR needs.