What Classifies Someone as a "In-Season" Athlete?

Looking at starting 531 in the book is states training 2 days a week is ideal if your in season in a sport. I play ice hockey for 3-4 hours a week and roller hockey for 2-3 hours a week, depending on games. I don’t really have an off season I get ice and pad time year round :slight_smile: does this classify me as an athlete/in season in a sport year round? a little confused if I should be doing 531 2 or 3 days a week.

if I decide to train 2 days a week can I focus on one big lift a day with the BBB template but extend the cycle?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

You play for 5-7 hours a week, but how often are you training for ice hockey during that time?

Just dial back your gym-stuff so you’re ready and rested on game day. But don’t dial it so far back that you’re not making progress in the long run.

I’ll following the In-Season program at the moment, and I sometimes have to skip/postpone something (typically the deadlift), if I have an important game on the weekend (rugby).

If your performance in hockey is your number one priority then you’re an in-season athlete.

If you’re like me and play sports for fun, health, and your mental well-being then you’re probably a recreational athlete.

If you’re a recreational athlete then it doesn’t matter if you’re peaking for hockey.

When it comes to deciding how to program your training the answer is right in front of you: what is most important to you?

Answer that and you have your program (at least the focus of it).

I’m at the gym about 3 times a week for 1.5 - 2 hours.Sometimes my hockey training is right after the gym, or a couple of hours after another hockey session.

That’s what I try and do right now, but I hate missing a without.

How many hours a week are you practicing hockey?

Playing is fun and keeps me fit but hockey performance is more important to me that going to the gym etc

On a normal week during the summer I have 2 hours of ice at the weekend, 1 on a Tuesday and 2 hours of roller on a Wednesday. But sometimes get to stay on extra on these sessions.

I would say that’s an in season athlete.


Yep, I agree with @T3hPwnisher. Since hockey is your priority then your other training should supplement it but not take away from it. That’s an in-season program. Good luck with the programming! It’s going to be tough to be fresh for Tuesday nights and the weekends. You might have to determine which is more important between those sessions and program accordingly.

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Boring but big would probably not be a good program to run for an in season athlete. It’s tougher to recover from than many other programs.

@T3hPwnisher thanks for your help, I will try 2 days a week program see how that goes.
Focus on one lift a day with BBB after and some sprint’s but mean it will take 2 weeks to complete a week.