What Chemistry Area To Major In

Hey All,

I’d like the input of anyone who has taken a good deal of chemistry in college. I think bio-chemistry is the degree that will help me figure out the questions below. Am I on the right track?

Anyone have a bio-chem degree, or know a degree that will help me to better answer the below questions?

Also,what kind of a job can I get with a bio-chem degree?

Questions that I’d like to learn the answers to:
How does creatine work?
Why is zinc picolinate more bio-available then zinc oxide?
When I take Spike, why do I feel better?
Why does testosterone make me feel better?

I’m interested in how the human body works, but more specifically, how the human body interacts with vitamins,minerals, androgens, nootropics, drugs. etc

So, my question is, what specific chemistry degree do I pursue to be able to understand the answers to the above questions?

I’m assuming that the answer is bio-chemistry?


Biochem is a facinating subject and will answer SO much as to the ways the human body processes and uses the substances it’s fed. It’s a bit complex, but the knowledge gained is priceless. Plus it isn’t as boring as organic chem. Blah.

I think you need to be a little more direct about what you actually want to do before anyone can give you an honest answer. I mean, sure, your four questions above might get addressed, but then what? Is that all you want to know?

(I know the answer to this question is an obvious “No”, but my point is that you need to be a little more clear about what you’re going for here…)

Bio-chem is the most likely answer, but then again, you may want to consider something more specific. I’m pretty sure our boy Cy has a graduate degree in pharmacology, which, from your questions, may be more along the lines of what you’re looking for…

well biochem is a good one but if I were you I would go with crystal methamphetamine production.

Ask Patrick Arnold when he gets out.