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What Characterized "Intensification" and "Realization" Phases of Training?

As a 2a, if I cycle between period of high intensity STF with a hypertrophy focus, maximum strength periods, and explosive training periods (not to the exclusion of each other, but with an emphasis towards one of these three areas of development), which one would typically be considered to be the main focus of an intensification phase, and which one would be the primary focus of a realization phase?

I would assume that high intensity STF with hypertrophy movements would be “intensification” though if I were a pure bodybuilder it might be realization. Or am I understanding them wrong, and all three main methods can be done at an “accumulation” dose, an intensification dose and a realization dose?

Phases of high volume = accumulation
Phases of heavier weighs = intensification
Phases of more explosive work = realization

That is true for Type 2A and 1B but it might not be the same for Type 1A, 2B and 3 (the later two would not include much, if any explosive work for example).