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What Causes Waking Up Early?

Hi, i work today, training after my work and sleep 11pm and wake up 4h30, i dont feel so much tired this time.

But one or two day before he wasn’t good and this 3 day i wake up for piss.

I dtk if it is because i sleep at work two time, 2*20 minutes or because i take since 3 day Zmb 2h before to sleep or because i want to piss or both of them

I had the feeling that creatine make me piss also, maybe i will take the last one 4 before to sleep (creatine) and i will take zmb in the morning.
Only glycine was perfect but zmb i dtk, this morning i don’t feel tired, but i dtk i like feel that a sleep full now iam feel a bit to much wake up

So i try to sleep again after piss but i don’t feel that i can or tired, so fuck go stretch and rolls massage



It’s very hard to decipher, but I think he’s asking why he keeps waking up too early.

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Ahah sorry my English is really bad ? Rolla massage and stretching is the best things that we can do when we are wakeup by the way.

I search the cause. This morning im feel ok, but two day before i wake up for piss and i don’t feel that i sleep enough.

I dtk if i piss in the night because of Zmb or glycine pr creatine. But since i take Zmb ( zinc magnesium… B6) i wake up somethime really early.

But i sleep at work so maybe that also have some influence in the night, and my workers schedule change a bit. Some days i need to be at work to 7 o clo) morning, and somethime 9 o clock in the morning so in a week, i wake up 4 oclock 30 morning or 7 o clock

I hope that iam clear :woman_in_manual_wheelchair::woman_in_manual_wheelchair:

Why do you sleep at work? And if you have to be at work at 7, why wake up at 430?

Because i work in a nursing house, i stay overthere 12 hours ( 2 hours of break) somethime less, after that i training, and the work can be physical it depend the day, so i try to recover.

Because i live 40 minutes from the work, and i take my time for eat.

In one month i work 15 day, more rest day because we stay a long time at work.

Now after the breakfast im feel a bit tired but just digestions maybe, i guess Zmb is not good for me at night, i will check this week

I had the same problem. 4 things fixed it for me:

  1. Limit carbs at dinner to complex carbs (or none), at most 50 g. Sudden blood sugar changes were waking me up around 3:30 every night.

  2. P5P (I take 100 mg) and sublingual methyl B-12 (5000 mcg) every morning

  3. 1500 mg vitamin C every night right before bed

  4. Eliminate all other vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Others swear by magnesium and zinc, but these made my sleep problems worse.

Why B12 ?
I will keep only vitamine D and omega and i will stop zmb.

But why C and b12 ? What is P5p ? I will check in french

Oh P5P is vitamin B6 right ?

You should post in French, if that’s your first language.

Yeah it is, but i guess p5p is universel

But why b12 en c ? B12 is easy if u eat meet no ? And why c before sleep, i want to understand is interesting

Sorry man, I just now saw your replies. Vitamin C helps reduce cortisol levels to a degree, but I just happened to try it (got a bottle for free) and I noticed a difference. B12 in the morning helps establish your circadian rhythm. The P5P in the morning lowers prolactin, which can make you feel drowsy. I recently stopped taking the P5P when I noticed a drop in libido, which scared the crap out of me, since it’s usually very strong. A few days later, I was back to normal.

Hi no problem, i only take now omega 3, vitamin D and glycine, zinc and magnesium i don’t support i guess, i can’t sleep with that

Squats and Milk.

srsly - make a real commitment to training, and you will sleep soundly all night long.

I’m not really a doctor, I only play one on TN.

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I sleep good, but i reduce creatine, stop, glycine and zmb and is much better, I don’t wake up for piss

Le vin, mon ami.

Ahaha sur sur sur