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What Causes 'Big Guts'? How to Avoid?



I am sure you all have noticed at one point or another that today's pro bodybuilders have massive guts even though they are at really low body fat percentages and have 6 packs. I have read that the cause of this is HGH and IGF which causes the organs to grow (andreas munzers heart was reported almost twice the size of a normal human being during his autopsy,), and look at Kai greene, that guys looks awesome but he has a massive gut.

1- what are the reasons behind these big guts?
2- if you indeed agree that hgh and igf are to be blamed please explain the scientific reasons for these side effects
3- how could they be avoided? could you still use hgh (well I am never planning to use IGF)and avoid such sides, if so what is the "average" (i know it may be different for each individual, but I am talking about average) dosage/duration that you could use hgh and avoid massive guts?

Thank you very much.

P.S. If I have understood something completely wrong, please give me the right information instead of having a go at me. I am just here to learn.


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it usually just from consuming huge quantities of food...


No, that is just some bullshit Professor X made up because he was trying to be argumentative. BBers have been eating massive quantities of food forever, the gut is a recent trend in BB. Plus when they are on stage their stomachs are empty.

Nobody really 'knows' what the exact cause of it is, but it showed up around the time BBers started using insulin/IGF1/HGH. I've read that the intestines have the largest concentration of IGF1 receptors in the entire body, thus IGF1 use = larger intestines = distended gut. It is likely a combination of those drugs that causes it.


JUST from consuming a lot of food? Probably not. It is a significant cause though.

Drugs are also a significant cause.

Genetics are also a signficant cause.


I've always heard that this is the cause as well. It seems to make sense.


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BB: What about GIT hyperplasia?


if thats the case why don't pro bodybuilders discontinue their use of gh a few days before competitions? cause a smaller waist is always a better advantage as its makes the v taper look more impressive and wider.

Surely it can't be that simple. correct me if i have misunderstood u.


also does anyone have an answer to my 3rd point?


I think smooth muscle cell hypertrophy might be the cause. As far as I'm aware they are turned over like normal muscle cells. Anabolics won't affect these, but igf/hgh will in high enough doses.


Most do drop GH a few days or so before a contest to reduce water retention.

How do you know that their waists havent shrunk from what they were 5 days prior to the show? You only see them on the day of the show and arent following anyone around 24/7 to know if there are any changes occuring.


The consensus on some other forums (e.g. promuscle) is that a big culprit is slin because it results in visceral/peri-organ fat accumulation. It was pointed out that some amateurs that compete in different weight classes WILL have a GH gut in the heavier weight class but its not there when they move down one class; again this was attributed mostly to slin


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I have read this too, and I've also read the same effect is what causes so many pro BBers to consistently show up out of condition. By effect I mean the way they are unable to drop the visceral/internal fat at higher bodyweights is the same as the way they are unable to get fully shredded at the same heavy bodyweights. If that makes any sense. Basically, insulin usage makes it impossible for them to reach super low levels of body fat, and the only way they can reach the super low levels is to drop considerable muscle mass.

Many people are of the opinion that insulin is ruining BB.


some informative posts here thank you all for the insight.


also does anyone have any idea of the daily dosage of hgh some pros use? I am sure they don't walk around telling everyone about their drug regimen, but sometimes u get people who happen to be friends with a pro and they share some of those private information. Usually u hear most using 4IU ed all year round, and if you look at isteroids they claim phil heath is using sommewhere up to 12 IU. But I don't believe half these claims.


I'm not 100% sure, but I'm 99% sure insulin use is not a new thing. It was the first anabolic hormone discovered.


I guess it's not really about which hormone was discovered first, it's about when they realized that it's use can enhance muscle growth.