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What Causes Back Acne?

What is causing my back acne? I realized I get less breakouts when I stop consuming ON whey for a week or two. Would the zinc, selenium, and chromium listed in the the naked truth about good skin T-Nation article help with my condition. I heard from somewhere that the fluctuation in testosterone causes acne, is this true?


How many times during the day you shower?

Do you make sure to wash the soap off from your back?

Do you sweat a lot?

Do you change every day your t-shirt?

Shower before / after training and at least 2 other times ever day. After use some nizoral medicine and try to keep your back dry. If you sweat, change your t-shirt to a clean one ASAP.

my acne got reduced quite a bit since i started exercising and lost body fat. i still have quite a bit to lose, and dont really shower all the time and change clothes all the time. but just throwing that in in case it helps

I shower once or twice daily.

I don’t usually use soap since it dries out my skin and worsens my acne condition.

I do not sweat a lot.

I shower right after my workouts and I change into clean clothes.

Surely you need soap or shower gel to be clean? Simply rinsing yourself with warm water cant be a proper wash.

But some moisturising shower gel, and put on moisturising cream after you shower. Try and use soaps with natural oils etc…