What causes a person to be a Hardgainer

I know that there are probably a zillion answers, theorys, or people who just don’t care. I have allways wondered this but have never really seen any articles about what cause this except the same old answer ectomorphs just have small bone structures and fast metabolisims. I know people in the bodybuilding world who love to answer with “there are no real hardgainers just people who don’t eat enough, squat, or rest.” I am in a 100% agreement that to get bigger these are the 3 most important. I am still very curious as to some of the details that go into how come one person has to eat 4000 calories to get bigger while another has to eat only 2500 calories, even if the same peolple did the same activities all week. I have been looking into this and some theories are: fidget factor, digestion assimilation of proteins etc…, testosterone levels, cortisol output caused by overworked adrenals, and condition of various organs. I know there is alot of attitude out there that all you need to do is squat and drink milk to get bigger but I definetely think that there are other small details out there that could help everyone get bigger if taken care of.
Thanks for any input

Jack: Great question! I’ll give you my take. A LOT of what you see posted on this site ARE the “small details”! When you look at discussions of nutrient partitioning, macronutrient ratios, best workout and post-workout nutrition, protein intake, amounts of EFA’s to use, the best chest exercise; the list goes on and on; THOSE are the “small details” that we all seek to maximize our genetic potential. HOWEVER…with that being said…there are certain basics that if not adhered to make all the details useless. It would be like a NASCAR team paying attention to the aerodynamics of the outer shell of the car, but they then put a YUGO engine in the car with unleaded gas from 7-eleven, and then wonder why they never win races. Of course that would never happen, but you get the point. If the engines, tires and fuel mixture and injection of those cars are not maiximized FIRST, the areodynamics of the tail fin will add very little.

So…when someone says you have to eat big and clean, lift heavy with good form and progressively increase the overload on your muscles; rest and recupurate; if you don’t do those things FIRST…you could have you diet calculated out to the nearest NANOgram and take all the supplements in the world…you will not progress.

Sorry…but you have to eat big and clean; lift heavy and progressively; rest and recuperate; supplement selectively…and you can’t lose. Still want the “details?” Just read and pay attention to the Forum and they’ll be covered.

The biggest thing is genetics. Don’t kid yourself, all the goddamn diets, trainers and supplements in the won’t make Pee wee into Arnold. Look at Sergio Oliva, he is a fucking ripped monster eating Lobster covered in butter with pizza and pepsi. I think muscle belly length tells the biggest story, along with “frame size”. Do I sound like I read Arthur Jones much?