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What Can You Do with Only Dipping/Chin-Up Bars?


Hey....hope I can get some advice. I am going to be sent for 6 months to a location which has no gym at all, it's an outskirts station in the edges of our Amazonian jungle, and all they have is a set of parallel bars, not V-dipping but parallel, about 28 inches wide and a traditional bar for chin-ups or pull-ups. They don't have cables, pulleys,dumbells, and I am not seeing any chance to go MacGyver here and create anything else.

I wanted to ask if there were articles, with pics, or exercises that I could do to get big. I plan to use a backpack, load it up with rocks if I have to, to mkae the exercises intense and allow me to grow bigger muscles, not just get fit and lean.

A friend told me bars can work, if I use extra load, as long as the load I choose to use for my exercises allows me to do not more than 20 reps at my best try, nor less thana good 12 reps, even 15, because he says that in bar exercises, even with added weight, you must use a 10X0 tempo, where the concentric should be as fast as possible, but never use momentum, and that the weight should be according to that.

is that right...? what can I do....


Inverted rows
Hanging leg raises
Hanging pikes
Chase a panther
Bodyweight squats
Find big a big rock and lift it (like an Atlas stone)
Heavy stone carries
Find a log of cut down a tree and do zercher squats
Use same log do do weighted squats and lunges
Got any rope? Tie it to the log and drag it around. Pull it forwards, backwards, sideways, do concentric only rows, etc.
Find a rock and chuck it like shot put, throw it sideways, overhead backwards (like an explosive kettlebell swing).
Armwrestle with a native


No, that's not right. Use whatever rep range, tempo, load, momentum that allows you to make trackable progress. 5-15 reps is fine.


Take along a few heavy duty bags, fill with sand/dirt/rocks and you have a sandbag. Use it for DL's, clean and Press, front squat, weighted carries etc


Get some blast-straps while you're at it as well. www.elitefts.com


fight jaguars


then squat them