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What Can You Do With a Pentium i3 or i5

…that you can’t do with the last generation of Pentium dual-core processors, like the P6200?

There are some really nice fucking computers on the market that are very attractive, but the truth is that I don’t really do anything with a computer other than surf the internet and download music. Is there any point at all in paying more for one of the newer processors?

One of the things they’ve been working on is less power usage.

But no, you don’t need a new processor.

Think about those only if you plan on running computationally intensive softwares (I am thinking about technical - like a CFD solver or something). If you, like most people, watch movies and browse shit on the internet, there is no need for those big buck hi-fi processors. I’d wait till they become cheap or till porn becomes choppy and slow on my laptop :slight_smile:

^ What they said.