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What Can We Do to Get Stickies Pinned to the Top of the Forums?

Would it be OK if I identified these for you by using the “flag post” to bring these to your attention?

For the time being, there’s been no decision about stickies in any forum. Flagging them isn’t helpful.

They weren’t being used when they were available and were taking over the forums where they were posted. Having a half-dozen stickies with hundreds of posts in each wasn’t useful or efficient.

They are useful. Now, new guys need to be pointed to the stickies that they need to read in every new thread. That is the point of the stickies. We need 7 stickies in the TRT forum. I understand your concern about the screen real estate. This is a big issue for new guys in the TRT forum and very important for the steroid forum were we get many “first cycle” threads where the poster is clueless.

In the TRT forum the 7 stickies were always at the top of the topic list, there were stickies. However, they lost the sticky icons with the website re-write 1.5 years ago. Then the stickies became invisible from a human factors point of view. Now those stickies will be come even more invisible.

We still need these stickies to support knowledge transfer in the forums and that is what the steroid and TRT forums are all about!

As a compromise: What if I created one master sticky thead for the TRT and steroid forums, where all of the regular stickies[normal threads] are listed and linked. That way we do not loose screen real estate and we solve the other requirements?

[quote=“KSman, post:3, topic:213412”]
We still need these stickies to support knowledge transfer in the forums and that is what the steroid and TRT forums are all about![/quote]
I get that they were supposed to be useful, but they weren’t getting viewed. People simply weren’t reading them even if they were being suggested to. That’s part of why they ended up coming down. Also, every forum wanted their own batch of stickies, which just got silly after a while.

Stickies are a tricky thing in that they were always member-driven and member-voted. If you want to put together one thread to contain each thread’s “must-reads”, we’ll see if we can bring it back. But one thing to sort out is, do threads that are 6,8, 10 years old still contain valid, relevant, useful information for sticky-material.

Then again, if we end up with one “master thread” that has all the stickies in it, that thread could be active enough that it doesn’t need to be stickied in the first place. Simply linking to it in a reply, like you’d link to a relevant article, would work. Like I said, it’s a tricky situation. All in all, it’s an idea, but not for certain.

They were been used, look at the number of views.

Not been discussed? How you you know?
In almost all threads started by new guys in the TRT forum, I need to tell them to read the stickies by name. At least they were stickies and at the top of the forum, but did not have icons. Now they are not stickies and are not at the top of the forum. Now I cannot reference by name and will have to create many links in each new guy’s thread. But, weren’t stickies meant to solve that problem.

All of the old stickies in the TRT forum are valuable and have information that does not get stale.

Many of the stickies that were there were made stickies because guys requested that they be stickies.

What can you give me?

You consider these not viewed?
Where you you get your data?

Estradiol: Why you should care - 361,000 views, 678 replies
TRT: Protocol for Injections - 305,000 views, 469 replies
Thyroid basics: -121,000 views, 254 replies
Lab Work, Blood Work and Testing - 140,000 views
Finding a TRT doc - 130,000 views
Things that damge your hormones - 119,000 views
Advice for New Guys - 123,000 views

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No Shit …im looking for the( Estradiol: Why you should care - 361,000 views, 678 replies) STICKIE that i first read in 2011 i think ? .the post is GOLD. im referring back to it looking for how much time in between e2 test when adjusting adex dosage. We needs some stickies back…

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It’s as if they don’t want the forums to run smoothly.
Hard to believe that there are no stickies in the beginners forum. The same questions get asked over and over again and rightly so. They are beginners. They need a point in the right direction. Send them to a few threads FFS.
Hard to believe this even needs to be said.

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