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what can the ladies squat?

Im curious…for those T-vixens that are out here and that full squat. What kind of weight are you doing on a tempo?

I used to run 10 miles 4x a week, weighed 106lbs (I’m 5’6) and was told that my knees were the biggest part of my legs,so I think that my legs are my weakest bodypart. I am T-shaped with a strong upper body and back. My 1rm squat that I can do consistently is 285, I can do 225 for reps of 6-8. My legs have gotten bigger,so has my butt(sticks out)and I now weigh 135.I am trying box squats (12in high) to see if I can get stronger but not too much bigger. Happy with the way I look now, but, I want to be strong as I can at this size, and naturally.

A Girl, those are great numbers. How long has it taken you to attain these lifts? Also, are these to parallel or FULL squats? (note: I think the numbers are obviously great either way, so please don’t be offended by my discernment - I know you work damn hard!) Also, tell me about your legs and butt…where specifically did your legs get bigger? Do you think your butt is now “big”, or has it simply changed shape and become fuller? Hope this isn’t too many questions, I’m just curious about how squats have changed you from being skinny to being muscular.

My 1RM for ass to the floor is 175 (when I did 1RM’s before GVT last summer.) I am currently doing 175 for 3x8 to parallel (my weight shifts next week though) my tempo is about 3-1-2, which is on the fast side…but i got stuck a few weeks ago and sat down - hard. i don’t want that to happen again (i lift alone) there are bars on the squat station, so the weight landed on them luckily, and not on my shoulders…

I started weightlifting in June '95 but did’nt really work out in free weights till Oct. The 285 is just below parallel according to my spotters. 225’s are low but not ass to floor. I “sit” on two aerobic steps(stacked on each other)which measure 12"to18" depending on what I do with the foot part of them. I’ve measured them and I do this in a power rack since I’m usually solo, that way I know that I’m low enough and the safety bars give me confidence.
My butt has always been round (hated it as a kid, no I’m not black)Squating and lunges has just enhanced it-guess its a physical asset- its not wide. It cracks me up to read the guys worrying about their big butts! My girlfriends get a kick out of being able to tell me I have a big butt to my face. On my legs, my hamstrings have developed alot, not hard to do since I had none, due to long distance running, and my quads. Not so much my V.Medialis the bigger my legs get the shorter they look, so I have kind of plateaued the weights on purpose this past year, stopped competeing, doing more lunges and sprints. I HATE not getting stronger though, so I’m trying less reps and more sets ala Dave Tate. Jeeze… I didn’t mean to yak so much!

A Girl, thanks! Keep us posted every now and then about what WestSide training does for your strength levels. I assume you’re working on speed with those box squats, right? Also, did you notice any major change in your adductors from doing the squats?

Michelle, be careful there! Thank God for squat racks (and having the sense to use the safety pins)!

Great numbers! AGirl: you said you V. Med wasn’t getting bigger but the rest of your thighs were? Just watch it doesn’t get out of proportion strength-wise with your V. Intermedius and V. Lateralis. This happened to me a few years ago and led to improper tracking of my patella and ultimately subluxation which is NOT fun. If you notice it’s becoming strength imbalanced, try single leg leg ext but onle the last 20 deg of movement. Also leg press but only the last 20 deg of movement. I did these on days other than leg day so
1: they get trained more often, and 2: they aren’t prefatigued by other exercises so they get a higher quality workout. Worked well for me. Keep up the awesome work you two!

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oh…my…gosh, Michelle. Look at A Girl’s butt… It’s so big! - and round… It’s just - OUT there…

(just kidding, A Girl. I’m sure your butt is QUITE gorgeous.) :slight_smile: