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What Can I Use for Last Few Weeks of Cycle to Cut?

Hi! I already made a thread about low bulk gains, but with help from members of this forum it turns out I actually cut decent amount of fat (112cm waist at beginning of cycle vs 103 cm as of today). I weighed 205 at start, 230 mid cycle and now back at 220.
Also seems like I’ve been using way too much AI (1mg of Anastrozole eod).
So helpful gentlemen here told me I should turn this to cutting cycle.
Is there something I can add in for these last 3 weeks of my cycle to cut down and make this cycle as effective as possible?

Sounds like you’ve already made a helluva cut, and with 3 weeks left, There is still a possibility that you can cut 1-2 more cm just by keeping up your current progress. At that waist size, diet AND proper sleep is going to be FAR more helpful than additional gear.

Sleep is far too often underrated. Proper sleep quality and quantity can make a huge difference in cravings and nutrient partitioning (poor sleep actually makes your body hold onto fat and burn more muscle).

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I work in shifts, so one week I’m 1st and next week 2nd.
I get plenty of sleep when 2nd (8-10 hours), but 1st shift is problematic for me, it starts at 6am and I have to wake up at 5. So, you get the point…

That’s fair, I’ve had to do shift work before and I currently get up at 315-330 to go to the gym in the mornings. Sleep is a much better route because there are no “sides” from getting adequate sleep and it costs nothing but maybe a little more time. In fact there is nothing but good things that come from proper sleep (physical and mental health and well being as well as previously mentioned, fat loss).

Not to mention the more you sleep the less time you have to eat.

I understand this section of the forum is dedicated to AAS usage and I am not trying to be flippant with my replies, but I have two things in mind with my response:

  1. with your current body composition, it would far more beneficial and less costly for you to focus on your habits, not your gear usage. Sure, maybe you look better on cycle, but once you come off, do you fall back into the same habits and undo the work?

  2. with only 3 weeks left, there probably are some compounds you could use, but by the time you started seeing any real results from the added compounds, it would be time to come off. I will leave that type of information to some others with a far superior knowledge.

I cut 25 lbs in about 2.5 months earlier this year from dialing in my sleep and nutrition, however I was put on doctor prescribed TRT at the same time (180 mg/wk Test C). I can actually fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for 4-5 years.