What Can I Take to Help Tendon Regrowth After Surgery?

Ruptured my distal bicep tendon on 9-15. Had the surgery to reattach one week later on 9-22. I want to do everything I can to ensure optimal recovery. I paid extra to have PRP injected during surgery.

I am now looking at different options as far as pharmaceuticals go and would love some advise. I know HGH is probably the best when it comes to tendon repair but this may not be an option for me. I have taken it in the past (2IU per day) to help with knee injury and my prolactin levels went nuts and i developed Gyno as a result. I later discovered that i have a small pituitary adenoma, and as i understand it, taking GH can increase prolactin in folks with pituitary adenomas.

Is there anything else that would speed up and or enhance the process of my tendon regrowing to the bone? Something with minimal side effects? Ostarine, Deca?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you could start with Vitamin C & D and collagen. No side effects.

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BPC-157, possibly other peptides as well.

Plenty of water and rest too; don’t skimp on the basics in pursuit of the nuances.


I used BPC-157 stacked with TB 500 last year when I tore my supraspinatus tendon and bicep at the shoulder.

I have no way to prove if they did anything for my recovery.


300 x 10 in the incline bench Might be an indicator.

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Can’t speak as to the TB 500 but BPC-157 is available legally via Empower Pharmacy and Defy (if legality is an issue for you like it is for me).


Ibutamoren, BPC, & TB500. Ibutamoren has great oral bioavailability and the latter two are now offered in transdermal form so no need to inject daily, which is annoying as fuck.

Nothing to add to what advice was offered here RE supplements and pharma.

However, eccentric motions have very positive effects for tendon pathologies and injuries. Here is a link to some research:

  1. https://journals.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/japplphysiol.01044.2013


The use of partner-assisted reps (partner does the concentric) as well as the use of eccentric trainers such as Exxentric prove very helpful in the clinic/gym: https://exxentric.com/flywheel-training/