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What Can I Take Instead of AI?


I’m currently on 250 mg of sostenon a week I have been noticing my estrogen levels are rising. I get a little of red on the neck and sometimes feel a little burn on the nip (it’s not that often) so I was looking for Al but can’t seem to get none. So I went for clomid (SERM) 50mg a day until the redness of the neck goes away. What do you guys think?
And I was also thinking on leaving test and start taking MENT because of it higher effects and it doesn’t mess around with your natural test levels but it shoots estrogen levels to the roof and I’m not sure clomid would work to control that.


Not sure you have read much on MENT, but it definitely shuts down natural test. Also it’s highly estrogenic


Clomid will work as an anti estrogen if you are on a low dose of test. I don’t think it would be of much use if you were on a high test cycle.
My current cycle 200mg of sustanon, 375mg of EQ/wk, clomid 25mg/day, keeps estro in check for me.
If you want to add another anabolic substance that won’t raise estrogen, the main choices are EQ, Primobolan, Masteron, and Deca(deca can have plenty of other issues though)