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What Can I Improve? Bulking? Female Competitions?

24 yr old female. Ive been lifting heavy for about 1.5 years now. 142 pounds. around 1800-2000 calories a day. What can I improve with my physique? Do you think I can start bulking again? Please be honest. Do you see any competitions in my future?!

What kind of competitions? Physique, Bodybuilding, or Powerlifting, or something else?

What do you want? Depending on the goal, you could stand to either gain general muscle, or lose some bodyfat. You’re in a good “in between” spot.

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You need better pictures. Full on front, back, legs.

You look great, but, can’t really tell what you need without the pics.

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For bikini you could stand to tone up a bit more. I cant tell if you need more focus on your hamstrings or not. The third picture looks questionable, but that could just be unfavorable lighting, the rest look pretty good. Otherwise another 5-10lbs would probably put you a little closer to competition. Stomach could use some hardening as well.

(Just to be clear, you’re built well, but these judgements are reserved for competition)

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