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What Can I Do with What I Have?


Many thanks to anyone willing to give a few minutes of their life to help someone out in need here. I will pay it forward in the future to someone else.

I am hoping that someone would be willing to create a beginner weekly routine based on the equipment that I currently have access to. Something to just get me started so I can just start this once and for all and get the ball rolling.

The following is what I have access to:

  1. Adjustable Weights (I can currently curl perhaps 20 to 25LB but I have enough weight to do 40LB each eventually
  2. Chin-up Bar
  3. Curl Bar (Looks like this: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31DBg83PO%2BL.jpg)
  4. Set of perfect push-ups.
  5. Resistance Bands (Light, Medium, Strong)
  6. Inversion Table (For situps)

My current activity level is sedentary. I am not overweight but I am not in the greatest shape. I am looking for any basic exercises that could be separated into weekdays/weekends. I stress basic exercises, because as a beginner I am prone to bad form with anything that is complex(complex to a beginner).

If you are able to provide links to EXRX .gif’s are the exercises or anything along those lines then you are really doing god’s work.

FYI: I realize what I am asking here is a HUGE ask, but just know that you would really be helping out a genuinely good person. I am not trying to give myself a blowjob here, but I do very generous self-less deeds every week IRL, the real way without telling a soul or showing my identity, so just understand that you would be helping out a good person who will pay this forward.

I would offer PayPal to anyone that helps but I am currently not in that position. If you could wait a week until I get paid, then I will definitely do my best to help you out with some cash. Obviously I can’t do this for everyone, but I will get back 1 or 2 people.

Cheers all!

what a bizarre paragraph. Anyway…

You have enough equipment to do bodyweight exercises and various single joint movements with your dumbbells/bands (think things like lateral raises, triceps extensions, etc).

It’s better than nothing, but I don’t think it’s enough. Your legs, in particular, will lag, as lunges are really all you can do and the weights you have are not heavy enough.

That said, a routine based on what you have would be something like:

-Push ups/Pull ups superset (so you do a set of both before resting)
-Lunges (use dumbbells to add weight once you can do sets of 20)
-Biceps/Triceps exercise superset (pick a curl variation and an extension variation; doesn’t matter which)
-Shoulder Raises (side and rear) use your dumbbells or your bands

5 sets for the pull ups/push ups and lunges, 3 sets for everything else.

I’d like my cash paid in the form of kruggerrands, please.

These, plus loads of sets of chinups inbetween…

Do push ups
rest a minute
do chin ups
rest a minute
do body weight squats
rest a minute

repeat four more times
The goal is to be able to do 100 push ups, 100 chin ups, and 200 squats total in the work out.

That’s just a starter idea. You can mix and match all sorts of exercises into that pattern, but don’t neglect those legs!

OP. For dead simple conditioning and strength training for free. Get a duffel bag from an army surplus store and some sand or rocks to weigh it down with, then use it for carries, cleans, ohp everything. Google “sand bag training”. It will cost you maybe $10 to setup and really be worth it.

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Excuse my language, but f*ck yeah you are awesome friend. I appreciate this!!

So can I essentially repeat this routine that you’ve mentioned every second day? What about reps per set?

Looking into it sir! Appreciate the reply!

I thought surely you were joking at first (because i know nothing about fitness) until I googled and saw this is a real thing and Onnit has their own product. I’m actually going to look into this.

Do you do this yourself? And what are your thoughts on sandbags vs kettlebells…? In my mind they seem like the same thing (again, coming from a guy who knows buck all.)

Cheers friend. Do you have any advice on reps as far as chinups go? I could likely hit the 100 pushups in four sets (probably couldnt) but I definitely know I could not do 100 chinups. Whats your advice? Just do as many as I can?

yeah absolutely man.

The reps’ll really just be as many as you can for as many sets as you can (within reason - don’t go doing like 30 sets or anything weird. 5 is plenty, and I’d never go higher than 8).

The idea is to keep progressing to harder and harder variations of the exercises, so your reps, while high, should never be stupidly high. If you can bang out 50 push ups in a set then you definitely need to progress to a harder variation.

Work your way up to being to doing 10 chins, 30+ push ups, max out on db ohps for 10 reps & the same with db rows…the only problem really is being able to train legs intensely long-term…to start with you could do lunges, goblet squats & db swings etc…one you get really good at those movements, you are probably either going to have to invest in a squat rack or go to a gym etc.

Yes. Sandbags are amazing for whole body conditioning. The two hardest things you can do with them (for me) are bear hug walks and zercher carries. You wouldn’t think bear hugging a 100lb bag and walking as long as you can would be that tough, it’s awful. Bear hugging the bag tries to squeeze the air out of you, you end up fighting for every breath. Makes everything else in the gym seem tame.

Yeah, just do what you can. I meant the 100 reps as a goal, not a beginning.

There are more difficult sorts of push ups to try. If you bring your arms close to your body, it puts more work on the triceps. If you form your body into a triangle (with the floor being the third side) and lower your nose to the ground and press up again, that would hit your shoulders. A guy named Mark Lauren published a book that has 130+ ways to use your own body weight for exercising. You can google him and get some great ideas.