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What Can I Do with the Following?


What can I do with the following if anything?

5000mg of Deca
2500mg of Test E
1000mg of Test C
780mg of dbol


I dont have any letro or other anti prolactin gyno gear. Should I just leave the Deca alone? I can get more Test C and am looking for some sort of 12 week cycle using the above.

Any help would be appreciated.


Not enough Test. "Trade" the Deca and get some test. Test/dbol 10 weeks, SERM PCT.


Read the sticky on a proper cycle critique thread and introduce yourself properly age, stats, cycle experience, etc. Then we'll chime in...


With no thought to who you are - your goals, stats, age or the fact you cant even design a cycle with goods you have, suggesting you are probably one of the worst candidates for AAS use and are likely going to regret ever using steroids..... you could do the following:

Wk1-10 300mg Deca (150mg 2x/wk)
Wk1-10 500mg Test (250mg 2x/wk)
Wk9-12 245mg Dbol (35mg ED)
Wk1-12 0.25-0.5mg Adex ED

Wk13+14 Tamoxifen 40mg ED
Wk15+16 Tamoxifen 20mg ED

You would shoot 450mg of Nandrolone the first injection and 750mg Test the first injection - this will frontload the cycle and make it much more effective.
The Dbol will be added at the end rather than the beginning to add another anabolic as the gains from the 8-9 weeks on cycle start to stagnate - and is continued past the injectables to keep androgen levels high as the long esters clear.

You will only need to buy a further 2000mg of Test. Ideally i would buy another 690mg of Dbol also which would be added to the cycle to make the dbol last 6 weeks instead of 3.

I do not recommend using all of a compound just because you have it - this is especially the case for Deca, as the higher the dose the worse the libido problems IME.

Now - maybe you could let us know your goals.. because if you dont want to hold water - this is not the best cycle you could choose.



Thank you very much for the info Brook.
My goals are strength and muscle gains. I dont really care too much about water retention, but Id like to know how much of a risk Im at with Deca dick at those dosages.

I didnt really want to do a DECA inclusive cycle, but its what I have so its what Ill use. Im 33, have cycled once about 1.5years ago using dbol at 40mg/day for 4 weeks and test at 500mg/week for 12 weeks. At the end of my cycle I got some chest acne and a little bit of hair growth on my arms and legs, but its seemed to have fallen off.

Im currently 5'11" , and 246lbs, about 19%bf. Have been training about 3 years now. Im probably not the best candidate, but then I enjoyed my last cycle and Id like to do another one.


Deca dick is caused by a couple of factors usually - the first and easiest to manage is the fact that Nandrolone is a weak androgen and doesnt particularly support libido.
The addition of Test, Masteron or Proviron will 'cure' this by increasing DHT.

The second is that Nandrolone increases prolactin levels and while this is a naturally occuring hormone in men, it will reduce libido and inhibit the HPTA at the levels Nandrolone causes.

The inhibition of the HPTA is a bit of a non-issue whilst on cycle IMO, as one will be inhibited anyway... but it can make recovery harder when recovery is warranted, and it will reduce libido on cycle irrespective of Test dose (contrary to the common belief of many here that only Test is needed to counter the sexual problems cxaused by Deca).

A anti-prolactin drug is best used alongside Nandrolone IME (Bromo/Caber), and when one is, it is my opinion that Deca is one of the most effective and least troublesome AAS that one can use.

JMO :wink:



The only real problem with deca besides the need to cease it a little sooner than the test to aid in recovery, is the prolactin problem.

Bromo, and especially caber will deal with this with ease.

Problem is, most people can not acquire, or can not afford to use them on cycle.

Most people depend on research chems, and liquid caber has a bad reputation for a very legitimate reason.

I do believe we have found an effective substitute for deca in our friend tren. But tren has more side effects, is somewhat of a nastier disposition overall, and has some other minor issues associated with its usage.

Appetite problems associated with tren, in particular, may limit its use in place of deca.