What Can I Do to Reach These Goals?

hi ! i am female 27 years old !my level is beginner . i am 1.64 and my weight is 84 kg ! i want to lose kg , fat , and i build muscle mass hypertrophy and strength

i want to build this legs


what a program should i follow ? how many reps , how many sets , what exercises ?

I’d start with any of the training plans in this article: 3 Steps to Getting Your Girl to Train

Walk 20-30 minutes every day.

And follow this type of simple diet: One Hundred Gram Carb Cure

Those are three straight-forward steps to get started with. You won’t look like the girls in those pictures overnight, but be consistent and work towards it in the long-term.


I think that the most change you have to make is in how you think. This a new lifestyle. You can’t eat terrible foods and only work out a couple times a week if you want a body like that. Good luck!

I’d say get aquatinted with bench pressing (or DB pressing), deadlifting, and squatting or a squat variation. By acquainted I mean hammer down technique. YouTube and ample amounts of practice will be your friend. We can only help you so much, the rest is up to you.

Get some decent equipment.
Flat shoes
Possibly wrist wraps (although you could use that probably later)
Knee sleeves

That’s really all you need at the moment.

The women in those pictures are the complete opposite of weak. They’re strong as hell, which means that should be your main focus at the moment.

Build a good strength foundation. I’m really not one for overcomplicated training regimens for a beginner. I progressed very well with a 3x5, or 5x5 linear periodization for a good year when I first started out. The weight doesn’t have to be extremely heavy, but it needs to be challenging enough for you to complete roughly 15-20 total reps with good form.

Do some assistance work: which are basically movements that help bring up any weak areas. There’s a bunch of them. If you’re doing bench or DB work, include something for triceps, traps, upper back, and chest. For deadlifting, do something that also brings up upper/middle/and lower back, hamstrings, and abs. For squatting supplement with glute work, calves, lower/middle back, quads, abs, and hamstrings.

Become well versed in different rep and set schemes. This site has plenty of info for hypertrophy work as well as strength training. Read up till your hearts content.

Get comfortable with seeing the scale not move, or move extremely slowly. When the time comes to start leaning out, you will see all of your hard work, but PLEASE do not become the many women who yo-to back and worth between “bulking” and “cutting” the same 5-15 pounds for months and even years on end. Focus on keeping fat gain to a minimum, while gaining strength.

Cardio should be implemented wisely. Keep it at a minimum, keep it simple. Maybe some swimming, brisk walking, sled pushes, carries, etc.

You’re about 5-7 pounds lighter than I am, and since you’re a beginner I think you’re able to get away with recomping fairly nicely. If you can make it a year, I’d say you can see a possible 20lb muscle gain and even a 20-25lb fat loss. Simultaneously. That’s if you go about this
in a smart way.

You’re more than welcome to lose the weight first, and then go about gaining muscle, I’m just trying to kill as many birds as I can with one stone while not confusing you.

If you’re a calorie tracker, track them. Keep your protein in the 135-140g region. Maybe less. Divvy up the carbs and fats how you see fit for your goals. If you’re not a calorie tracker, keep your protein as mentioned, and get in maybe 3-4 meals a day. Healthy protein sources, no refined carbs, veggies, and decent amounts of fruits and fats.

Other than that, be consistent, and be patient. This is going to take a while. And by a while I mean years. Don’t frustrate yourself with the scale, and stay out of the mirror. Every two weeks or so asses your physique and your strength and go from there. And for the love of everything stay off of YouTube. None of that fluffy glute-kickbacks, donkey kicks, side bend shit that many YouTube chicks always put up on online.

Sorry if this conflicts with other tips you’ve been given. I could be completely wrong in my opinion, nor I am an expert, but I’m not a complete idiot.

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Aim for gradual weight loss, over the next couple of years. Gradual changes are healthy and more likely to be FOREVER.

The biggest mistake to avoid. People who loose weight but DO NOT lift weights while they’re dieting down. If you aren’t lifting weights while you loose fat, you’ll also loose a lot of muscle along the way. It’s really hard for women to gain muscle, so hold onto what you have, while you gradually follow a sensible eating plan, like the one @Chris_Colucci suggested. Fine tune that as needed. Look for easy changes that you won’t miss much.

There’s a YouTube video that might be inspiring. Search Jen Jewell Fitness Transformation. She’s 5’2", a couple of inches shorter than you, and she lost 50 or 60 pounds over a couple of years.

Note: She had a history of fitness, before she had the problem with her weight. And you certainly don’t need to try to get as lean as she is in her stage pictures. As, @planetcybertron said, Aim for gradually getting healthy and strong.

Also, I second Chris’s advice about walking more everyday. The more you can stand, walk, or just be active the better.

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.


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