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What Can I Do To (P)Rehab a SLAP Tear?


Will the regular shoulder (p)rehab exercises work? Things like rotator cuff exercises, external/internal rotations, cuban presses, W/Y/L/I/T, scapular wall slides, etc?

I greatly appreciate your input!


It is ideal to go into surgery with as close to full, proper, safe ROM as possible and the best strength possible. The (p)rehab stuff would be ideal to do leading up to surgery.

You are on the right path with what you listed. Focus on getting full, pain free ROM and and strengthening the rot cuff and scapular stabilizers. If you go into surgery with a high level of strength and ROM, you should have a better recovery from surgery. If they are pain free, it should be save to perform some push ups, pulldowns/pull ups, and other basic exercises.


Post op the most important thing imho is regaining scapular control and stregthening these, you will undoubtedly have over active upper traps as well from walking around in a sling - so activation & strenthening of lower traps will be vital.... This and regaining full ROM is the foundation that you must build before you start working rotator cuff directly.

For me light pulling movements (seated rows, lat pull down) with correct form, can also be started when full ROM in those positions are possible.