What Can I Do To Fix Posture?

What can i do to fix posture?

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Perform squats, deadlifts, chins/pull-ups, overhead presses, bench presses, barbell or seated rows, some lateral raises, other squat variations and an arm exercise or two.

Seriously, this whole “postural” thing is getting out of hand. First it was about Swiss balls…then Bosu balls…then one-legged exercises…that everyone is beginning to forget that if you just get bigger and stronger from lifter heavier weights and performing basic compound lifts, it will fix postural issues!!!

I don’t know, but a lot of people say the “Alexander Technique” works wonders for postural problems. Might want to investigate that.

[quote]ZYL281 wrote:
read the Neandrothal no more articles[/quote]

these are great.

I think most postural issues need to be addressed outside the gym. obviuosly lifting will help correct this, but i think a large part is just being aware of your posture throughout the day. also search for the de constructing computer guy article if you spend a lot of time in front of the ol’ screen.

What i do- stretch chest, hip flexors. Stengthen hamstrings, glutes, abs, back muscles. It’s getting better