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What Can I Do if I Can Only Do Dips and Pull Ups ???

Ummm…shouldn’t it be chins, dips AND DLs/squats? How on earth can you ever get a strong PC/legs without heavy deads or squats, or, even weighted hypers?

Gotta lose the fat to see the ab muscles underneath, fella, so it’s 25 to 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week (jogging or some other aerobic exercise), and follow a sensible balanced diet.
That’ll deflate fat cells and let you see your abs.
No chips, beer, pizza, junkfood. More protein, less carbohydrates.

No starvation crash diets either because people just put the fat right back on as soon as they return to normal eating patterns.
Lose the fat slowly and surely with cardio and sensible eating habits. Takes self-discipline.
A man in real shape doesn’t carry any more than 10% bodyfat.

Crash diets don’t work because humans have evolved to deal with periods of starvation.
When you drastically reduce food intake, the body thinks its going into a period where it will have to endure starvation, so the metabolism slows down and holds onto the calories and the fat stores in order to make them last longer to help with survival.
The metabolism is the rate at which your body can break down food into energy.
Ectomorphs (skinnybones 98 lb weaklings) have fast metabolisms; they eat a lot and have trouble gaining a pound.
Endomorphs (natural roly-poly lardasses) have slow metabolisms and their body burns off the food slowly.

When you crash-diet, your metabolism slows down, and once you start eating regularly again, your bodys slowed down metabolism will now tend to store the calories as fat instead of burning them off…so all the fat weight that you lost quickly goes right back on.

Mesomorphs have it made in the shade.
Lucky bastards.

[quote]the_bradguy wrote:
A man in real shape doesn’t carry any more than 10% bodyfat.


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