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What Can I Do if I Can Only Do Dips and Pull Ups ???


Hello, thank you all for reading, and if you so kind, for helping. Kind regards to all from Colombia (although the people running the website hate latinos for they reduce us to being mexican or brazilian or argentinian in nationality) and I hope you are all starting a nice 2011.

I have been going to the gym for 2 years now, but I have gotten big from doing dips, pushups,pull ups and chin ups in various ways (Kipping pulls/dips, clapping pushups, etc) with added weight. The gym doesn't work for me.

The thing is that I was fat, like, chubby wobbly fat, like a Sumo, and dropped 65 pounds (34 kilos) since I began training. I have gotten confidence and I do not look bad, I look good, with strong arms and so, but not like I wish, with defined, chiseled pecs and abs and muscles.

I cannot go slow, I can at best count 1 second going up and 1 second going down and not do pauses, at least not at the bottom going from eccentric to concentric phase. I like hitting more than 12 reps, more between 15 and 20, and I do it using a backp[ack with 35-45 pounds, no other load and rep range or speed helps and gets me the pump feeling, or growth and I have tried.

I want to ask if you can hit a certain figure tyupe with bars. I don;t want to be lik a Dorian yates or so, but more like a Van Damme figure, more of a fitness or a gymnast or thos ripped, muscular heavy middleweight to light heavyweight boxers.....

Can that be done with bars or not ? If not, should I take the offer to use creatine, oxandrolone and others to get that big ? What is the most big you can get with bars ?

Hope I can get some good help...peace and God bless you all....


Creatine is a gateway supp


If you truly want to look like a "gymnast," your best bet is to focus on bodyweight exercises, including but certainly not limited to dips and pullups.


You're walking a fine line with your exercise selections.

It's well known that with the type of intense workouts you've described, you could very likely wake up one day looking like Dorian Yates-- or even bigger. It will just sneak up on you.

Slippery slope, my friend.


"A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men"-Plato


65 pounds (34 kilos)

check your math

What are you asking? Barbell complexes to look like Van Damme. Possible I guess.


*******train as hard you can to rest on the floor for some minutes after the sessions is gone :-))

Mikael from Italy




Were you doing kipping pullups and clapping pushups before you lost all the weight? Please say yes, I need a good laugh. Also, if yes, please post a video...


who are you to laugh? the man made a fucking commitment to exercise and lost a ton of weight. whats funny about that?


I pity the fool that laughs at someone who actually got his game on as you say and lost a truckload of weight and fat and beat the odds without help, without manuals, coaches, shit, even without a gym.....

That said fmaurice, you don't have to use your sarcasm here. The man's questions are legit.

My best friend, whom we nicknamed Boneco, looks like a G.I. Joe action figure. Muscles so thick, dense and defined, that it looks like he was flexing isometrically all the time, like a statue, making the David looks like a scrawny wimp next to him. And he doesn't fit the "Big and bloated" shape of most bodybuilders or powerlifters, and he does only bars exercises.

Now,to the OP.....my friend.....I have seen a lot of men for whom the gym does not work because it doesn't "feel" right. They can do perfect form, perfect tempo lifts with loads heavier than their own bodyweight loaded on the bar and not get half the "feel-good" pump sensation that tells you the muscle was properly exercised.

In my humble opinion, all you need to focus on are the basic 5 rules of lifting for size:..... correct posture and form throughout the motion's range.......appropiate load/rep selectiuon for the best stimulation/sensation on the target muscle group.......appropiate rest between sets and between sessions to avooid residual fatigue that hinders a faster, steady progress and risks injury........optimal nutrition and dietary considerations....and last but not least, to listen to your body and learn what works for you, a change in the grip, the range of motion, the width of your hands separation, the posture and form, the load and tempo/power output......

If you go like that you will train for success.....ask gymnasts and boxers, as the examples you ghave...they don't count tempo, they train in high reps, etc......you might want to check 2 things: the Timed Sets article by Thib, and the Perfect rep protocol.....these can be complementing tools that you may have been using so far...


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I would say that you are not doomed to failure. I work out solely using these exercises.

Besides the clean and jerk or squat and deadlift with a bar or dumbells for my lower body, I use a normal bar and dumbells or kettlebells for bicep, tricep and of course, shoulder work which is the one thing for which barbells and mostly, dumbells are mandatory (as bi's and tri's can be exercised on the bars, I do them with dumbells or kettlebells, even an e-z bar sometimes for comfort) but everything else is done with dips, chins, pullups, pushups and their variations.....

I would say that a program done with such exercises, outlined by the experience of another poster, Quadmaster_Fly, which posted the thread "Why do odd programs work?" would be useful for your goals.

My advice is that before you try odd mechanics such as odd movements, ROMs and such, you do normal exercises, with some cheating as well, as that program outlines in Quad's post.

I must say that you have to go by feel on this one. When doing these excercises, added weight or not, low rep, high reps or so, you must always do what gives you the best feeling.

...and don't worry, you can actually get a physique like Dorian Yates only by using dips,m chins and such, maybe some dumbells for some exercises, and a backpack for added weight. Just stop before getting there if you wish to...


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